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  1. Issues by Korn ·
    This is korn's latest musical endeavor. I feel that this CD rates right up there with Follow The Leader and their self titled first album. It has the hard driving riffs, some new style lyrics by Jonathan, and some kick a-- bass riffs. It is a...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 4/19/2000 by Justin Dwight (809)
  2. Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar by Troy Stetina ·
    This book is very instructional and has many tabbed transcriptions to go by. The exercises in the book can be played at any speed and are designed to build speed. So you can work at your own pace, and, if you push yourself, you will improve. ...(more)
    Books/Tab: Metal · Posted: 3/5/2001 by Justin Dwight (809)
  3. Awake by Dream Theater ·
    This is what I consider to be their best album. I don't really think they're could have been too much improvement on the musical demonstration on this CD. I really enjoy the fourth song on the album, Erotomania, for its diverse rhythm and time...(more)
    Recordings: Metal · Posted: 3/5/2001 by Justin Dwight (809)