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  1. Takamine G 230 ·
    When buying this one I looked at several other beginner's guitars but all the salemen insisted this was the best beginner's choice. I would not buy this guitar again simply because my playing level has more or less exceeded what this guitar is...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 2/11/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  2. Ani DiFranco Tabs ·
    Very extensive Ani library.. which is good, cause I like pretty much all her music. This is a really handy little database for all you Ani lovers.
    Musicians: Fan Websites · Posted: 2/6/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  3. Guitar ·
    Nice site. Has a cool little chatroom built into the bottom of it and all that. Nice site to check out every once in a while and cast your vote on the current battle. I think each battle lasts about a week, so, no rush. :-D
    Musicians: Societies/Foundations · Posted: 2/6/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  4. The Ultimate Guitar Songbook -- The Complete Resource For Every Guitar Player! ·
    -it is not what I would consider an instructional book, it has a the standard rhythm patterns and chords that you would expect to find. But really, it's just a song chock-full of fun to play songs. <br/><br/> -it has made me a better player. L...(more)
    Books/Tab: Rock/Pop · Posted: 2/9/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  5. Famous Guitar Intros ·
    -This book is pretty much a book of TAB guitar intros. <br/><br/> -It's made me a somewhat better player in that I bought this book as a beginner and had to master a few rhythms and quick finger movements to play certain riffs. <br/><br/> -It wa...(more)
    Books/Tab: Rock/Pop · Posted: 2/6/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  6. The Songs Of Sarah McLachlan ·
    -This is not an instructional book, it's just more or less Sarah TABS which I probably could have gotten for free. :-D <br/><br/> -This book hasn't made me a better player simply because I don't refer to it much. I pretty much bought it to lea...(more)
    Books/Tab: Acoustic/Folk · Posted: 2/9/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  7. Victor Baker Guitars ·
    Wow!! :-D
    Manufacturer Sites: Guitar Makers · Posted: 2/9/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  8. My Favorite Tab Site ·
    -very useful -very detailed and exhaustive database -one of the best TAB sites I've ran across and the only one I have bookmarked.
    Books/Tab: On-Line · Posted: 2/9/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  9. Better Life by 3 Doors Down ·
    This is one of the few CDs that if I lost it, I would go out and actually buy it again rather than just downloading it. This band actually deserves to be supported. Help them out. This CD rocks. <br/><br/> Also, the best part of the whole CD ...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 2/11/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)
  10. The Muse's Muse ·
    This website is crazy. The one stop shop for all your song writting needs. Woo, I love it. :-D
    Writing/Recording: Songwriting Sites · Posted: 2/13/2004 by Ryan Enloe (783)