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  1. The Official Steve Vai Website ·
    <font size="+1"><b>Pretty Slick...</b></font> <br/><br/>Overall, I think this is a very well put together, well designed site. Although I'm not a Steve Vai fan, per se, I think any guitar player would be nuts not to listen to what he has to say...(more)
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 9/2/1999 by Drew Todd (1193)
  2. Jazz Improvisation Primer ·
    <B>The Pros:</B> <BR>Marc Sabatella's work represents a pretty thorough coverage of general music theory and concepts specific to Jazz (such as "swing" and Jazz scales). It is -- IMO -- a must-read (or, at the very least, a must-peruse) for any ...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 9/9/1999 by Drew Todd (1193)
  3. Dummy by Portishead ·
    Indeed, a good compilation of muted hues and tripped beats. Beth Gibbons' vocals are quirky and cool. Track 1 ("Mysterons") is downright spooky and the somewhat commercially successful "Sour Times" will comfort anyone seeking temporary solace in...(more)
    Recordings: Electronica · Posted: 9/9/1999 by Drew Todd (1193)
  4. Blue Train by John Coltrane ·
    While Coltrane would later go on to record some of the most important records in Jazz ('My Favorite Things,' 'A Love Supreme,' and 'Giant Steps' among them), this particular recording is outstanding and often overlooked. 'Blue Train' is an excel...(more)
    Recordings: Jazz · Posted: 9/10/1999 by Drew Todd (1193)
  5. Jazz Essentials: "Nuts & Bolts" Instruction For The Jazz & Pop Musician by Kelly Dean ·
    <h4>Goals of the Book</h4> <ul> <li>Memorize the names of all the notes on the piano (including enharmonic spellings). <li>Learn to spell Major scales in all 15 keys. <li>Learn to spell major, minor, augmented and diminished triads in all keys. ...(more)
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · Posted: 9/13/2001 by Drew Todd (1193)
  6. Richard Myers CDB Fretboard Trainer For PalmOS ·
    Apparently, you can take it with you. :-) If you've got a few minutes to spare while waiting for the bus, the check, or whatever, this little program allows you to practice memorizing the fretboard. It could be nicer: For instance, it could of...(more)
    Software: Instructional · Posted: 3/12/2002 by Drew Todd (1193)