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  1. Ovation S868-4GC Special Elite ·
    I'm sure that I could find a guitar I like better for a whole lot more money, but I don't know that I would. I really like this one. It's pretty, sounds great and priced right. I've played 3 Gibson Hummingbirds recently priced at almost $3000...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 6/15/2000 by William Petersen (3362)
  2. ActiveMusician ·
    For it's large selection of music books and sheet music I am very pleased. The selection of guuitar gear is a little sparse at the present time, but the site claims it will be expanding soon. The ordering process was very easy and fast. I rec...(more)
    Marketplace: On-Line Stores/Catalogs · Posted: 12/17/2000 by William Petersen (3362)
  3. Martin 000-15 ·
    I don't know if I would want this to be my only guitar, because everyone needs at least 6 or 7 just to get the right balance of sound, flash, style, and to drive the family nuts with. This guitar will be with me until the end.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 4/23/2014 by William Petersen (3362)