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  1. The Hellecasters ·
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#660099"><b><br/><br/>What a crappy excuse for a web site, and that web guy of theirs is a total hack! ;-) Greetings folks! Yes, I am the <a href="
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 9/10/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  2. Zen Guitar by Phil Sudo ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2"><b>No, this book isn't for everyone, and no, there are no exercises or theory found within.&nbsp; However, for those of you who, like myself, are looking for a philosophical approach to becomming t...(more)
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · Posted: 9/15/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  3. Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2" color="#000099"><b>Rage, baby RAGE!&nbsp; Everything the original reviewer said was 100% Right On and then some.&nbsp; These guys are head and shoulders above the competition mainly due to their in...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 9/16/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  4. Guyatone WR-2 Wah Rocker ·
    Like I said before, I truly dig this unit, but for a lot of you cats out there lemmie just say honestly that this unit is by no means the "Holy Grail" of envelope filters. It is cheap, though, so hell, even if you bought it and didn't like it y...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 9/24/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  5. Fair Warning by Van Halen ·
    Definitely some of Ed's best work, but who could argue with that awesome TONE?! Every track is pure Ed Tone at it's rawest. And what about Ed's killer slide work in "Dirty Movies"? Yep... he truly is a god and Fair Warning his gospel, so go n...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 9/27/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  6. Owsley by Bill Owsley ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2" color="#000099"><br/><br/>Hands down this is literally one of the <b><u>best</u></b> albums I've ever owned!&nbsp; Anniston, AL native <b>Bill Owsley</b> bridles his awesome chops and cranks out gr...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 9/29/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  7. Under The Table And Dreaming by Dave Matthews Band ·
    Totally agree! The DMB is simply one of the greatest things to happen to popular music in the 90s!
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 9/30/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  8. Rivera BoneHead Steve Lukather Signature model ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2" color="#000099"><br/><br/>First of all I'd like to point you folks to my rather extensive <b>review</b> on the <a href="
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 9/30/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  9. Rivera ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2" color="#660099"><b><br/><br/>Okay, okay, I know I'll probably catch some flak for this, but I'm posting this review so as to direct your attention to the <i>"New & Improved"</i> Rivera web site.&nb...(more)
    Manufacturer Sites: Amplifier Makers · Posted: 10/22/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  10. Evil Empire by Rage Against the Machine ·
    Yes, although it doesn't quite measure up to the debut <i>(what does?)</i>, Tom and the Rage cats still lay down some killer grooves and angst-ridden riffs on this one.&nbsp; A must for any Rage fan, but curious RATM newcomers will want to pick ...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 10/26/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  11. The Battle Of Los Angeles by Rage Against the Machine ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2" color="#990000"><br/><br/>Head's up Rage fans, for this one's got it all!&nbsp; Basically put, <b><i>"The Battle Of Los Angeles"</i></b> seemlessly melds all the righteous riffs and funk-laden groo...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 11/4/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  12. The All-Music Guide ·
    As cool as this site is, the main problem I have with it is that <b><i>anyone</i></b> can claim themselves to be an expert and submit biography and discography info on an artist whom they've never met nor had any contact with.&nbsp; When I told ...(more)
    Musicians: Musician Directories · Posted: 11/9/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  13. Grace by Jeff Buckley ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2"><br/><br/>A good friend of mine, <b>David Anderson</b> <i>(of Brother Cane / Dragmatic fame)</i>, first turned me on to Jeff's music, but it wasn't until last Wednesday <i>(11/17, Jeff's birthday)<...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 11/22/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  14. Boss MT-2 Metal Zone ·
    This may be a cool unit to try and grok <i>(emulate)</i> a "Stack Tone" from a small practice amp, but otherwise it's useless for most distortion lovers. It's tones are too saturated and harsh, and it muddies things up quite nicely no matter whe...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 11/22/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  15. Sonic Brew by Black Label Society ·
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2" color="#660099"><br/><br/>Once again the ex-Ozzy axeman extraordinaire known as <b>Zakk Wylde</b> is back and angrier than ever! His latest project is aptly titled <b><i>"Black Label Society"</i> [...(more)
    Recordings: Metal · Posted: 12/2/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  16. Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater ·
    Without a doubt, these guys are starting to push way beyond the limits of traditional Prog Rock &#151; I think this will be the one to finally establish them as one of the greatest Progressive bands of all time!&nbsp; What else can one say but.....(more)
    Recordings: Metal · Posted: 12/3/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  17. Blizzard of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne ·
    Randy was a truly gifted musician, and one can't help but wonder to what wonderful new heights he would've taken his craft. [<i>sigh</i>]&nbsp; His awesome solos in "Mr. Crowley" and the whole song for that matter is as "Classic" as it gets, bab...(more)
    Recordings: Metal · Posted: 12/3/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  18. EMG 89 ·
    This humbucker, to me, is as close to the <b><i>"Holy Grail of Humbuckers"</i></b> that I've found yet. I always liked EMGs for the most part, but it wasn't until I discovered the 89's tone and flexibility that I became the die-hard EMG man I've...(more)
    Equipment: Pickups · Posted: 12/22/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)
  19. Boss PS-5 Super Shifter ·
    <font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="2"><br/><br/>Overall I give it 4 stars since I feel that with a tag sporting $199 the <i>(for the most part)</i> 24-bit unit really ought to be much better with it's tone and tracking, and of course i...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 1/18/2000 by Craig Smoot (906)
  20. ·
    <font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="2" color="#990000"><br/><br/>Hey WN gang! Here's the site I created and recently launched for DJ. If you've witnessed his bad-ass prowess live then you already know what kinda <b><i>monster</i></b> ca...(more)
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 5/26/2000 by Craig Smoot (906)