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  1. Mothers Music ·
    Winnipeg store has Great people and products as well as a independent guitar service center who does great work.
    Marketplace: Music Stores · Posted: 10/2/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  2. Hel Music ·
    Cool guitar store in Saskatoon with some vitage gear.
    Marketplace: Music Stores · Posted: 10/2/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  3. Tundra Music ·
    New used and vintage gear
    Marketplace: Music Stores · Posted: 10/2/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  4. Randy Shattuck ·
    Check this guy out ,saw an ad in Guitar world magazine for his page, and I think he is worth listening to !!
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 10/2/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  5. Breedlove Guitars ·
    These are the most gorgeous guitars.I have a Martin d35 and with I could afford to sell it for a Pacifica!!
    Manufacturer Sites: Guitar Makers · Posted: 10/2/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  6. Schecter PT Elite ·
    I looked at other Schecter's ,a Ibanez s- classic and highway1 Strats and picked this for feel ,looks, value ect.ect.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 11/16/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  7. Los Straitjackets Official Site ·
    Great site and sound! It's below 0 up here in Canada in December but these guy's warmed me up nice. Thanks for the link and review Randy!
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 12/19/2002 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  8. David Gilmour Live DVD by David Gilmour ·
    One word "WOW"!!!!! This is a great Dvd recording. This is a concert of Pink Floyd tunes plus new material and song by other artists of modern and past times.This concert is done in a semi accoustic setting witch gives new life to these songs.I'...(more)
    Videos: Music · Posted: 1/11/2003 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  9. Shannon Curfman ·
    I just found this amazing guitarist this weekend.This Girl is great and deserves a look see by the People hear.Check out Her web page and see Her if yYou get the chance!!!!!
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 5/27/2003 by Daniel Helgason (221)
  10. Diecast Stratocasters ·
    GMP is one of the high end maker of diecast collectibles so expect a great product from them.
    Marketplace: Vintage/Collectibles · Posted: 11/26/2005 by Daniel Helgason (221)