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  1. ART Tube Pac ART 131 ·
    Run, don't walk, to get one for yourself. The crowd response to my singing with the ART VS not has been staggering for me. Check it out.
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 7/1/2000 by Rob Scholes (1356)
  2. Shure SM58 Microphone ·
    Over all I believe everyone should have one in their bag of tricks. I am currently useing a better mic now but at the level of playing I am at it starts to get subjective. A better singer would do just as well with the 58 as I do with the EV. Th...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 7/3/2000 by Rob Scholes (1356)
  3. Electro-Voice EV N/D 967 Concert Vocal Mic ·
    The list price for this is $338.00 and at the music store that is what they wanted. I traded a piece of equipment that I didn't use for one that I use constantly. I love the way this mic lets me express my vocals, I have had more positive commen...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 7/7/2000 by Rob Scholes (1356)
  4. Carvin CX872 Powered Mixer ·
    This is a great little P.A. for the small group, duo, soloist with all the features and power you could use. It is portable and extremly easy to set up and use. Since I have been useing the Carvin at gigs, I have had wonderful results in audianc...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 7/14/2000 by Rob Scholes (1356)