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  1. EWI MP-101 ·
    We go thru cables due to demand of gigging 150-200 shows a year and these cables are well made and Audiopile is a sound guru. Couldn't be better, this is a good cable, I bought 4.
    Equipment: Parts/Accessories · Posted: 9/24/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  2. Yamaha MG10/2 ·
    I have had over 15 mixers and this little baby is a good one. For what it is intended for it can't beat and for only $99.00, WHOA. It's perfect for a small studio, I don't see any downsides. For drummers who want to control their mix this is the...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 9/29/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  3. Sennheiser 835 ·
    I've had nearly 50 mics through the years. Nady SP9's, Shure 58's, and the Sennheiser 835 are the best mics made for gigging on a steady basis. No switch is a great aspect of this mic. Buy a 835 and you'll be happy singing fool like me.
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 10/5/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  4. Peavey SP7x ·
    I chose these over EAW, JBL and MACKIE FOH cabs. They sounded better in a sound shootout the store let me do. I made the right choice. BUY THESE CABS IF YOU NEED FOH MAINS. Enough Said.
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 10/5/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  5. Eminence Legend V12 ·
    I had a Mesa Black Shadow, a Celestion V60-12 silver and the stock Roland speaker in the amp before and the Eminence V12 Legend has been the best sounding of the bunch. It's not a bright toned speaker, but my Strat sounds fantastic thru it. This...(more)
    Equipment: Parts/Accessories · Posted: 10/12/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  6. Moonshine Ceramic Slide ·
    I am updating this review 12/07/05. I still use this slide, as a matter of fact it's the only slide I use now. I have had alot of different slides and still have many for getting different tones. It's a cool purple, my favorite color so that mak...(more)
    Equipment: Parts/Accessories · Posted: 12/7/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  7. Squier M-77 ·
    I always look at gear. Musicians Friend and AMS catalogs and internet gear sites are must reads daily for me. I have looked at about every guitar imaginable. For the price I did not go wrong. When I got the guitar I raised the top of the bridge,...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 10/31/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  8. Peavey PR-15 ·
    My overall opinion is these cabs are the ones to buy over any for a band that plays clubs from 50-500 capacity. The sound quality is superb and at $199.00 why haven't you bought some yet?
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 11/10/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  9. ZZ TOP At Rockapalast by ZZ Top ·
    The sound is good, the video shoot is not bad, remember this was done by a German production company in 1980 which is pre-historic for video/audio recording. Just watching Billy Gibbons go at it you will learn some of his licks, there are great ...(more)
    Videos: Music · Posted: 11/21/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  10. Korg A-5 Bass ·
    I bought this because it was very inexpensive. And it don't sound that bad.But not that good either.For bass it does help with the exciter.For clean guitar work it's okay I guess.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 11/22/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  11. RS Guitarworks 50's Production Upgrade ·
    I have a Torres Harness in one guitar and the RS kit is better. TONE is the best aspect here. And TONE is what we all strive for.
    Equipment: Parts/Accessories · Posted: 11/25/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  12. SKB Standard Electric Guitar ·
    The hinges aren't very good.After a couple times closing the case hinges no longer line up and I have to pull the top forward for the case to close. For my back up Strat it'll do for awhile.
    Equipment: Cases/Covers/Racks · Posted: 11/27/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)
  13. Tech 21 SanaAmp GT2 ·
    I have used this pedal since Oct 2004 and I love it. It truly helps my tone, anmd on the real small jobs I can get good tone without an amp, nice on gigs with 2 flights of stairs or backed in a corner with no stage. I will in the future buy a se...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 1/3/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  14. WCR Shredder ·
    This is an update done 12/07/05. After using this pickup for 10 months, I can honestly say this is the best pickup I have ever used. And the most versatile. Http:// is where you can contact Jim. Roy Bowen sells them at http://www....(more)
    Equipment: Pickups · Posted: 12/7/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  15. Roland VGA-3 ·
    BUY ONE !! Enough said. You will not be dissatisfied.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 2/7/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  16. LM Products Crushed Velvet Padded Guitar Strap ·
    Update 12/07/05, I now have 3 of these, they are excellent straps. Buy one or 2, they are great straps. Geez, I have had many straps over the years. Since 1975 I used a 1" wide piece of leather I made into a strap for my Les Paul. I bought the L...(more)
    Equipment: Parts/Accessories · Posted: 12/7/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  17. ·
    This is a very valueable resource for the recording musician who wants to have his music heard and reviewed by all kinds of people. A great place to have music put to be linked from your own homepage or any forum or site where a link can be post...(more)
    Musicians: Artist Promotion · Posted: 2/19/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
    Absolutely great pickup. I got the Zebra coiled and it looks terrific in my guitar. And sounds even better. Yes I will buy from Jim at again. You should too. He will talk with you and get you the sound you want.
    Equipment: Pickups · Posted: 8/11/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  19. Marshall 5100 ·
    I have had a hundred or more amps, each does it's own thing and the Marshall 5100 is no different. It gets you in the ballpark of the killer 80's Marshall sound. My #1 amp is a JCM-800. For small gigs this amp does the job just fine. 99% of the ...(more)
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 10/15/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)
  20. Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard ·
    Compared to my 1975 Gibson Les Paul, it's close. The only hold back is the bridge and tail piece are not as heavy duty, but they do the job, and that's what counts. In all other regards, this guitar is as good as any guitar I have ever played. W...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 12/7/2005 by Randy Combs (6529)