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  1. AudioGalaxy ·
    I second the reviewer's opinion. Superior to Napster in every way, and it is still FREE. Very user friendly with a huge variety of songs, artists, and styles available. There have been very few songs I have been unable to find here. Just downloa...(more)
    On-Line Music: MP3 Sites · Posted: 2/21/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  2. FaSoft N-Track Studio ·
    For an additional review, check out my article at
    Software: Audio/MIDI · Posted: 2/21/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  3. GuitarNoise ·
    Informative, interesting, fun...there's always something new to learn, and the staff writers and many of the contributors here are first-rate. Something for all levels and styles of players.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/4/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  4. Slowhand Blues Guitar - Eric Clapton Guitar Styles ·
    I can't say enough about this site. It is clear, concise, thorough, informative, and constantly updated. The appearance is fantastic, the layout is very logical and easy to follow. This is, quite simply, the best site of its kind I have ever see...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 8/29/2005 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  5. Guitar Man: Teacher, Guide, Mentor ·
    Charlie is not only an outstanding musician and teacher, but an amazing person. His dedication to passing on his musical knowledge and experience is an inspiration in and of itself. Any guitarist of any style would do well to check out some of h...(more)
    Instruction: Teacher Directories · Posted: 4/9/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
    Great site, with lots to offer players of all levels. Take a look at this one.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/9/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  7. Vision Music ·
    Mark Stefani's skill and teaching ability shine through on every page of this excellent site. He offers a paid course, but even the freebies on his site are better than you'd get with a lot of programs out there. This is a man who is passionate ...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/17/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  8. DrumBum ·
    Great site, literally hundreds of topics related to every style of music you could think of. Lots of great features and resources. If you're only going to visit one drum site, make it this one.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/17/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  9. A Night At The Opera by Queen ·
    I can't say enough about this album. Though "Bohemian Rhapsody" is perhaps the best known song on the album, some of the other tracks are guitar epics. "The Prophet's Song" is nothing short of amazing. Brian May is a consistently underrated play...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 4/17/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  10. The Maximum Musician ·
    This is Koltow's own site, and it seems that he is talking it up on guitar sites everywhere! Apparently, he has written a couple books, and the site is basically an advertisement for them. Along the way, he does offer a number of lessons and art...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/19/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  11.'s Robert Johnson Pages ·
    A very interesting, but somewhat frustrating site. For example, i couldn't get the sound clips to play, and the so-called "tablature" page had the titles of songs, but no tablatures. A disclaimer at the bottom stated that none of Johnson's songs...(more)
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 4/21/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  12. - Blues Site ·
    I'll admit it - I'm an junkie. I go there frequently for my fixes. If you like blues, this is a great place to be. Don't blame me if you get addicted too. Personal favorite: a <i>great</i> tutorial on playing in the style of B.B. King.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/22/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  13. - Guitar Site · Guide Dan Cross presents a veritable smorgasboard of evrything guitar. All styles and levels, there is osmething here for everyone. Another of my "guilty pleasures."
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/22/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  14. - Musician's Exchange ·
    Guide Jake Sibley does an outstanding job coordinating a wide range of resources for musicians, including, but not limited to, some outstanding articles, tons of links, and one of the best discussion forums around.
    Other: News Groups/Forums · Posted: 5/23/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  15. DrumPatterns - The Infinite Work ·
    Info from the site: DrumPattern is a tool to learn drum patterns. With DrumPattern, you can learn the "rudiments" and much more. This tool is exhaustive, you select the members you want to study, some rules to avoid silly patterns (according to...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/22/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  16. Fender Player's Club ·
    This is an outstanding site. I get the impression it is fairly new as of this writing (4/23/02), but it is already impressive in both appearance and content. Lessons are in PDF format which, while slow for my poor old low-memory PC, are great fo...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/23/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  17. Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar ·
    This is a fantastic resource. The open tuning references alone are worth a visit. A must see for all acoustic players; electric players can benefit too.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/25/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  18. Wolfman's School Of Music ·
    I can't say enough good things about this site. The fretboard memorization method alone would be worth a site in it's own right. Lessons, products, personal instruction, it's all here. Clear, concise, and genuinely informative, and the webmaster...(more)
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 4/25/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  19. Torres Engineering ·
    I am a long-time Torres fan. I used to be on their mailing list years ago, and only recently discovered that they had a site. Simply put, this place is in the business of helping you make your guitar and amp anything and everything you want it t...(more)
    Tech/Services: Customization · Posted: 4/26/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)
  20. GuitarNuts ·
    Stone, I am with you! A first-rate site with a wealth of info. A lot of it is over my head, technically, but I was able to find some wiring ideas that are exactly what I am wanting on my guitar. Now it's just a matter of printing them out and ha...(more)
    Tech/Services: Customization · Posted: 4/26/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)