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  1. Hard Again by Muddy Waters ·
    This should probably be the first album in any starting blues collection. Although Muddy was past his prime as a guitarist, Johnny Winter provides rocking slide backup and the band is stellar. Although most of the songs here are remakes of Mudd...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 5/23/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  2. A Man and the Blues by Buddy Guy ·
    Buddy does an excellent job changing tempo from gut-wrenching, pure-soul, slow blues (A Man and the Blues, One Room Country Shack, Sweet Little Angel) to upbeat fast tunes (Mary Had a Little Lamb, Just Playing My Axe). This is Buddy at his blue...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 5/23/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  3. Harlem Street Singer by Blind Gary Davis ·
    If you're into fingerpicking acoustic blues, this album has some pretty cool stuff. Reverend Gary has an awesome blues voice, and does a great job using tasteful little licks to fill the space between vocals. This is the way acoustic country b...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/12/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  4. Fish Ain't Bitin' by Corey Harris ·
    Corey Harris has a great feel for the interplay between guitar and vocals, especially on his slide tunes. He's been sort of touted as the next Taj Mahal. He manages to make interesting even such old standards as Frankie and Johnnie and You Got ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/13/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  5. Alone and Acoustic by Buddy Guy & Junior Wells ·
    These two artists are the greatest contributors to the Chicago blues scene in the post-Muddy Waters generation. This album is the only acoustic capture of them that I know of, and it is fantastic. The coolest thing is that all songs are clearl...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/13/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  6. Ice Pickin' by Albert Collins ·
    This album is in my opinion Albert's best. It's got a couple of excellent instrumentals that showcase Collins' recognizable style (Ice Pick, Avalanche), as well as two of his best humorous songs (Master Charge, Conversation with Collins). The ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/13/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  7. Cold Snap by Albert Collins ·
    This album contains some excellent guitar work on Albert's part, as always. I especially dig the slow blues on Too Many Dirty Dishes. The only reason that I give it a 4 and not a 5 is that I don't like a couple of the songs on it (Snatchin' it...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/13/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  8. Get Yer Yas Yas Out by Blind Boy Fuller ·
    Pretty good fingerpicking stuff, all recorded in the 1930s. Features some of the great risque (for that time) hocum stuff like "I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy" and "What's That Smells Like Fish." I wish they'd make more songs like that these days. ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/13/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  9. Avalon Blues by Mississippi John Hurt ·
    This is what Mississippi John Hurt is all about, and it's got a nice folky ring to it. The only problem with this stuff is that, if you learn how to play an alternating bass, most of it is pretty simple to play. The other thing is a lot of it ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/13/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  10. Hand Me Down My Moonshine by Luther Allison ·
    Even though he spent a lot of his professional life hanging out in France and plays no blues standards on this album, Luther manages to preserve a real delta feel on this all-acoustic album. There's a lot of good stuff here, especially because ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 6/14/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  11. Harry's Blues Lyrics ·
    This site has an incredibly broad selection of blues lyrics arranged by artist, title, and (most importantly) by topic -- including such topics as booze and metaphorical sex. Imagine a site that has the lyrics to 76 Big Bill Broonzy tunes and 8...(more)
    Books/Tab: On-Line · Posted: 11/2/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  12. Atlanta Twelve String by Blind Willie McTell ·
    Anyone who's interested in early East-coast blues needs some Blind Willie in their collection, and this album gives a very good taste of Blind Willie's style. It also has some great songs -- I love "Razor Ball" and his guitar rendition of the p...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/27/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  13. Deep In the Blues by James Cotton ·
    Cotton's voice is kind of going, but it has a nice blues effect as a result -- this album really does take you <b>deep</b> into the blues. Meanwhile, Joe Louis Walker does a great job on acoustic backup. He doesn't get too much of a chance to ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/27/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  14. Keb' Mo' by Keb' Mo' ·
    I <b>love</b> Keb' Mo's solo blues stuff, and the ones on this album such as "Am I Wrong," "Love Blues," and his rendition of "Kindhearted Woman" definitely do not disappoint. He also does some pretty rockin' blues tunes with his band.<br><br>A...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/27/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  15. Come On In This House by Junior Wells ·
    This is one of my favorite recent blues albums. The beggining of the first song is one of the best blues album intros that I've ever heard. Most importantly, this album just happens to have a lot of really good tunes on it.<br><br>Aside from t...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/27/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  16. He's a Jelly Roll Baker by Lonnie Johnson ·
    Lonnie is generally known for being very smooth. I find his playing a little too repetitive and generally his timing is not very varied when he plays little blues-scale runs as fills between lyric verses. Nonetheless, Lonnie bends with the bes...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/29/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  17. How Many More Years I Got by Lightnin' Hopkins ·
    I don't think I'll ever find a Lightnin' Hopkins record that I wouldn't give 5 stars to! His style is very distinctive and unchanging, and this album gives a good overview, although I sometimes prefer to listen to Lightnin's solo stuff. There ...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/30/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  18. Unplugged by Eric Clapton ·
    If there's one tab book you're gonna splurge on, this just may be the right one! This book has a buttload of the songs you're gonna want to be able to play acoustic, including lots of good blues stuff, "Tears in Heaven" and the acoustic version...(more)
    Books/Tab: Blues · Posted: 11/30/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  19. From the Cradle by Eric Clapton ·
    Most of the songs in this compendium are remakes of some of the best-known blues songs in history. Clapton's covers here are fairly faithful to the originals, so it's not just Clapton stuff that you're learning if you buy this book, it's the wh...(more)
    Books/Tab: Blues · Posted: 11/30/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)
  20. King of the Blues Guitar by Albert King ·
    Nobody knows how to create tension by squeezing all of the juice out of one note (and keeping on wringing) like Albert King. Check out the solos on "Funk-Shun" and "Laundromat Blues". The guy does blues the way it should be -- not too fast, bu...(more)
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 11/30/1999 by Jim Burger (4613)