Guitar Reviews by Brian Follweiler

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  1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard ·
    This guitar rocks. The other guitar player in my band, envies it, and he plays a Strat. We all lovingly call it "The Pauly"
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 1/29/2000 by Brian Follweiler (61)
  2. Kustom KPA-4 PA Package ·
    A great small PA, for a nice price. For what we play, we don't need a monster sound machine. Look into it.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 1/29/2000 by Brian Follweiler (61)
  3. DOD FX50-B Overdrive Plus ·
    It works well for it's purpose, but I can't get the kind of sound I really want out of it.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 1/30/2000 by Brian Follweiler (61)
  4. This Was by Jethro Tull ·
    This album features jazz, blues, and rock selections. I particularly reccomend the instrumentals, "Dharma for One" and "Cat's Squirrel"
    Recordings: Blues · Posted: 1/30/2000 by Brian Follweiler (61)
  5. Fender Squier Standard P-Bass ·
    I decided to branch out into bass after a few years of guitar. This is not bad at all, but when compared to the true Fenders it just isn't the same.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 2/13/2000 by Brian Follweiler (61)