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  1. Low Flying Owls by Low Flying Owls ·
    Even though its three tracks, doesn't mean its very short. The tracks go about five minutes long each, and the last track changes several times. It has much of the same sound as "take the scenic route", but it has the edge of what would be "elix...(more)
    Recordings: Experimental · Posted: 1/14/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  2. The Argument by Fugazi ·
    This band just gets better and better. People think that they have faded away, but those are the people that just want the screaming and the fast distortion all the time. Which is boring, if overdone. Fugazi is about the music, and this album pr...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 1/14/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  3. Boycott RIAA ·
    I've been looking for this kind of site for a while. I am totally anti-RIAA, and im glad im not the only one. The site comes with all kinds of links, from "what you can do" to "things not to buy". I mean if you really want to rebell against RIAA...(more)
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  4. Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis ·
    This record alone influenced countless others. Miles davis and the other musicians on the album work so well, I dont think its improvised but yet im not really sure if it is. But its a terrific album, theirs very mellow areas (track three and th...(more)
    Recordings: Jazz · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  5. Complete Discography by Minor Threat ·
    Even though every song except for the rare few sounds a lot of the same, that doesn't mean that this album isn't something very enjoyable. If your a fan of punk, hardcore punk, or punk rock, this album is a template for anything you listen too. ...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  6. Doolittle by Pixies ·
    No album collection is complete without this album. It influenced Nirvana, Beck, Radiohead, and possibly countless other nineties bands. And they continue to influence bands, as I have been learning to play the licks and chords through this reco...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  7. Let It Be by The Replacements ·
    This is I believe the second album by the replacements. Its a classic by many critics. One listen to "answering Machine" and you'll be hooked. with lines like "how do you say goodnight to, an answering machine? How do you say Im ok, to an answer...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  8. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn by Pink Floyd ·
    This is an insane album from a guy who went insane. It is very different, but it created possibly every band that is different, including talking heads, and David bowie. Before the album was created Syd and the rest of the Floyd would play gigs ...(more)
    Recordings: Experimental · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  9. In/casino/out by At The Drive In ·
    This album is the second album by the band At The Drive In. Right before it was made, Jim Ward, the second guitarist, left the band because of inner disputes. When the news broke that two best friends from the bands hometown of El Paso died in a...(more)
    Recordings: Alternative · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)
  10. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan ·
    This album was the first real album by Bob. of course he released one before, but it was mostly covers. even though this album has quite a few covers, it has classics like "blowin' in the wind' and "masters of war", that are perfect Bob songs. W...(more)
    Recordings: Acoustic/Folk · Posted: 1/31/2004 by Jason Henderson (5681)