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  1. The Clash by The Clash ·
    The Clash where one of the best punk bands of the 70s. They had attitude, plus Mick Jones, and Joe Strummer are some great punk guitarists. You can get all kinds of licks and other things from them.<BR> Besides the playing, the writing is very...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 3/20/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  2. DeArmond M-55 ·
    My dad bought it, but I like it alot. I would buy it again if it was stolen, as it is a wonderfull guitar. It is perfect I can't think of any thing to put on it. The best aspect is it, is its simpleness, and you can get alot of kick a-- sound ou...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/25/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  3. Fender Squier Standard Stratocaster ·
    I got this guitar because it was cheaper than the regular Fender, and I didn't see much difference. Allthough if I start to play live I would get a real Fender, if I wanted to play a Fender. I would probally not buy this guitar again if it was ...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/27/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  4. Rogue DST-5 Distortion ·
    Cheap, don't suggest it, buy a Danelectro pedal fopr cheapness.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 10/20/2002 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  5. First Rays Of The New Rising Sun by Jimi Hendrix ·
    This is a great album, allthough "Axis:Bold" as Love is my favorite Jimi Hendrix album. "First Rays" has alot of overdriven guitar in it, with alot of great licks. The songs are nice, and show some of the Jimi's best lyrics. Alot of the songs...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 3/29/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  6. Axis: Bold As Love by Jimi Hendrix ·
    Axis was the second album by Jimi, and I think the best. It has everything an album would need, with loud metal sounding songs like "Spanish Castle Magic", jazzy songs like "Up From the Skies", funky songs like "Ain't no Telling", sad sounding...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 3/29/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  7. Eletric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix ·
    Great album, but not my favorite. It has alot of good songs like "1984 (a Merman I shall be)", and "All Along the Watchtower" a Bob Dylan song. It is great but I would suggest "Axis: Bold as Love".
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 3/29/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  8. Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix ·
    Great album, but after I heard "Axis: Bold as Love" this sounds very crude, I like it though, and will all ways listen to it. Has all the greats; "Purple Haze", "Foxy Lady", "The Wind Cries Mary", ect. And this version has all the original tra...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 3/29/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  9. London Calling by The Clash ·
    The first "punk" album I bought, and one of the best, all the songs are great, and it all sounds wonderfull, I think everyone who likes The Clash should like it, and should own it, one of the best albums ever I would think.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 3/29/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  10. Paranoid by Black Sabbath ·
    Black Sabbath, amazing, this is the first album of thiers I have bought, but it is amazing man, from "War Pigs" to "Jack the Stripper" every track is good, I like "Electric Funeral" alot, and "Iron Man" and "War Pigs", but they are all good, I h...(more)
    Recordings: Metal · Posted: 5/27/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  11. Rogue CG-30R ·
    This is the only amp I have ever looked at and played with, besides a bass amp I got when I got a bass a year ago. If it where stolen, (or even if not), we will probally buy a Marshall. It is a good beginning amp, and it is very cheap.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 5/27/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  12. Fender Squier Standard P-Bass ·
    I got this cause a year ago I decided to try bass, I eventually went for guitar instead, but I still play the bass. Everything is just right out of the box, except I had to replace all the strings, and tune it, but I have had no problems, and I ...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 5/30/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  13. Epiphone Bully SG ·
    This is a very good guitar, and I must say it is quite powerfull, not suggested for jazz players what so ever.<br> But since i play punk rock and some metal it is quite right for my tastes.<br> I highley suggest it for a cheap SG, if you play ro...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 4/9/2002 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  14. And Out Come The Wolves... by Rancid ·
    A great punk rock record, Rancid are the band these days that are carrying on the loud tradtition of the Clash, the Subhumans, Sham 69, and even a little bit of the Specials.<br> Their playing punk and ska, allthough a little bit after this reco...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 9/16/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  15. Rancid (2000) by Rancid ·
    Everyone says this is a Bad album because it's full of hardcore, but I think it's a great album that is just as good as Rancids rest.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 9/24/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  16. Rancid(1993) by Rancid ·
    A very good album with hardcore roots showing out more than Rancid's other albums. Highley suggested for Rancid fans, allthough if your looking for a first album I suggest Let's Go or And out come the wolves.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 10/3/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  17. Let's Go by Rancid ·
    Very good album with a bit more punk than hardcore, this was the album that introduced Lars to the Rancid fans, and was the album that got Rancid into the label signing war.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 10/3/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  18. Life Won't Wait by Rancid ·
    A very good album thats mush slower paced than the other albums by Rancid, and in some ways their best.<br> More political in an odd way.<br> Highly suggested.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 10/3/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  19. Lars Fredrikson And The Bastards by Lars Fredrikson and the Bastards ·
    Very good, loud and snotty in a good way.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 10/3/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)
  20. Danelectro Pastrami Overdrive ·
    My other pedals where messing around, this thing is a real searching for tone, and I got it perfectly.<br> This is <i>exactly</i> what I wanted, and sounds really amazing for the 25 bucks I spent.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 10/14/2001 by Karl Haikara (2330)