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  1. Fender Acoustasonic Junior ·
    I mainly looked at Crate and Marshall amps. I would indeed buy this amp again... maybe even the next one up the line. This amp could use a line out. The lack of one gets bothersome for studio recording... My favorite aspect of this amp is it...(more)
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 12/11/2000 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  2. Ovation Celebrity Deluxe ·
    Quite honestly, I think I'm hooked on Ovations. I rarely look at other guitars... Ok, maybe Martins... I would buy this guitar again and again. Maybe they could make this better by coming up with an attachment that keeps it from sliding aroun...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 12/11/2000 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  3. Ovation Celebrity Deluxe 12/6 Double Neck ·
    Originally, I thought I would buy this again, but I won't. After the problems with the sound board I traded it in on a 12 string Ovation... single neck.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/23/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  4. Korg AX1G ·
    I would buy this unit again. My favorite aspect is its simplicity. The worst aspect is its inability to switch between several effects while playing. You pretty much have to have select one effect per song. It is ok for the acoustic type g...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 1/9/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  5. The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer ·
    This is a book I'd be lost without. It covers a bit of everything. I've had mine since '86 (at least) and used it for everything from looking up chords, to learning (ok, trying to learn) inversions, to adjusting truss rods and more.
    Books/Tab: Reference · Posted: 1/12/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  6. D'Addario XL Acoustic - Light Gauge ·
    Martin's and Elixirs. I like D'Addarios 'cuz I do... There's no accounting for taste, though. :-)
    Equipment: Strings · Posted: 1/26/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  7. Guitar Grimoire - Scales And Modes by Adam Kadmon ·
    THE Reference for scales and modes. The first section can be a bit daunting, but I found it helped my understanding of scale and mode construction immensely. Each scale also has a list of chords that the scale can fit with. I refer to it qu...(more)
    Books/Tab: Reference · Posted: 2/1/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  8. Nick Drake ·
    Ugh. I hate poorly implemented frames and long "old style" html pages. Navigation of the site took a minute to get used to. It took another minute for me to leave... after I decided the information on the site wasn't worth fighting the poor ...(more)
    Musicians: Musician Websites · Posted: 2/2/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  9. Fender 50's Re-issue Telecaster ·
    I really like this guitar. At half price, I'd buy it again. I'm not sure I'd buy it at full price. I looked at a Strat and a Nashville Tele. I hated the middle pickups, so I went with this guy. I've always wanted a strat or a tele of my own...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/29/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  10. Solo Guitar Playing I by Frederick Noad ·
    This instructional book has most certainly made me a better player. I've certainly become a better sight reader and learned the basics of classical guitar. The book is fairly straightforward to work with and suprisingly easy to understand....(more)
    Books/Tab: Classical · Posted: 2/27/2001 by Bill Dunlap (443)
  11. Fender Cyber-Twin 130 ·
    I really didn't look at much else when I looked for an amp. Hell yeah I'd buy this amp again. My favorite aspect is the ease with which I get great tone. The worst aspect is figuring out how to get more control out of my foot switches.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 5/29/2003 by Bill Dunlap (443)