Guitar Reviews by Tony Boyd

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  1. Kramer Striker FR424S/D ·
    Being from the Heavy Metal "Hair Band" days, I have previously owned a Kramer, and this guitar plays just as well as the old-school ones. For $179.95, I would probably buy three or four more, for that price you just can't go wrong.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 11/8/2000 by Tony Boyd (189)
  2. COWPIE Bunkhouse ·
    Awesome site. They had a lot of the recent songs just out on CMT.
    Books/Tab: On-Line · Posted: 11/9/2000 by Tony Boyd (189)
  3. Peavey Studio Pro 110 ·
    I'll tell ya. For a practice amp, this thing can't be beat. I would definitely buy another one.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 11/25/2000 by Tony Boyd (189)
  4. Sattellite Imagery ·
    Very cool, but creepy.
    Other: Miscellaneous · Posted: 12/9/2000 by Tony Boyd (189)
  5. Riff Interactive ·
    Awesome site. I highly recomment it.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 12/17/2000 by Tony Boyd (189)