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  1. Gibson Les Paul 1960 Reissue Goldtop ·
    Used strats for a couple yrs. Then discovered LP
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 10/29/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  2. Marshall V80 8080 ·
    I have owned them all. Been around awhile. Marshall is my choice. I would buy their newer model, that has the jacks.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 11/11/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  3. Boss ME-30 Guitar Effects Processor ·
    Did not seriously look at others. I got a good deal on it. That's why I bought it. And am very happy with it. I would buy it again. Very compact - not as durable as I have used.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 11/12/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  4. Gibson Les Paul Classic ·
    People claim LP's are too heavy. That is true, and is some thing you get used to. I have owned many LP's. It is the only guitar I use. Although, I have been thinking about an EVH Music Man, for it's locking tremolo system. I have not tried one, ...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 11/13/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  5. Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Wah ·
    I choose this unit because I have owned them before. And I have used the newer models, and other brands. They don't have the analog sound I want. The others are all digital. The only thing that would make it better would be the switching. You ha...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 12/16/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  6. Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinet ·
    My favorite aspect of this cabinet, is it's sound and ease of mobility. Can't think of any bad aspects.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 12/17/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  7. Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble ·
    I have two chorus pedals so I can switch to a different setup quickly, flanger, Boss ME-30, and crybaby. All mounted on a floorboard.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 12/20/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  8. DigiTech PDS 1700 ·
    I would recommend this pedal. As a pedal for somebody that only needs minimal effects. A wide variety of sounds can be had with this pedal.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 12/20/2000 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  9. Prime CA30RC ·
    Did not look at any other amps. Simply because he price was right. I would buy this amp again. I like its features. For a compact amp, it has tons of features, and packs a punch. Also the line out is a plus because I plan to patch to a PA system...(more)
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 1/1/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  10. Fender Pro 185 ·
    I bought it as a pratice and backup amp. The price was right. And it is a very reliable amp. I like it's durability and sound, if it is setup correctly. That is a flaw, the setup.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 1/1/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  11. Washburn Festival Series ·
    Like I mentioned, I've owned or tried em all. For the price you can't beat this guitar. Only thing I will do to it, is install a pick guard. Great guitar if you can find one for the price I found mine at.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 1/1/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  12. Applause AE-38 ·
    I got this guitar for an excellent price. And was not in the market for a guitar at the time. I would buy this guitar again, at the price I paid for it. I like it's playability, and mobility. The tone is good, but it lacks volume.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 1/1/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  13. Marshall MG80RCD ·
    I chose this head for the cost and power it has. Also the CD input, is really nice. Almost a one man band kind of thing. If you want it to be! I would buy another head like this, if it was stolen. It would be better if it was tube. But that's me...(more)
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 1/4/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  14. Marshall 1960, 1960a 4x12 cabinets ·
    I looked at a peavy cab, it was ok, but not quite the same. Besides, I wanted things to match.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 1/4/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  15. Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 ·
    I have always gone Marshall hunting, and their JCM series is a replica of the older Marshalls. Which are hard to find at a reasonable price.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 1/4/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  16. Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special ·
    I've owned them all, except this one. I was skeptical, since Music Man built them originally, and then Peavey took over. I always heard the Music Man's version was better. That might be true, as I never tried one. But if it is better than the Pe...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/31/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  17. Boss DR-550 MkII ·
    I tried the DR-5, and with the difference in price, the eBay find, and the functions I needed. This unit was just fine for my purposes. I like the volume and tempo controls. The patches like I mentioned are fairly easy to program. The only draw...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 5/28/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  18. Marshall JMP MK2 100 Lead ·
    I've owned or tried most amps, and for a good clean or distorted sound, these vintage models just can't be beat. Sure there are the others out there that are really close, or even considered by some as better, but my opinion of the vintage tube ...(more)
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 7/29/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  19. Boss Boss DR-550 ·
    This is the only drum machine I have ever tried and used. Whether I would buy another one depends on cost, because all in all it sounds great, and has wonderful capabilities. This unit would be better if it had bigger buttons, and less shift th...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 7/29/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)
  20. Line 6 POD 2.0 ·
    I didn't look at any others, all he hype, reviews, and talk about it made the decision easy. And guss what? It was all true, I really like the unit, It is a great recording tool, and that seems to be my big hobby these days. My favorite aspect o...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 7/29/2001 by Bruce Maag (15581)