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  1. Guitar Techniques Magazine ·
    The best thing is the improv that you can do while the guitars are taken out. You are the only guitar player! You can do the rythem guitar part and trade of with some leads...or focus on a specific part,it all depends on your style of playing!...(more)
    Other: Magazines · Posted: 10/2/2000 by Joe Ramirez (703)
  2. Hot Rod Guitar: The Danny Gatton Anthology by Danny Gatton ·
    It can stand the test of time in my opinion.This mucisian was a step ahead of the rest. It is close to perfect as far as great music goes. The tone that he has just hums and kills.His style is very broad and express' excellent taste and chops.....(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 10/13/2000 by Joe Ramirez (703)
  3. Check It Out! by John Grant Violent Magdalena ·
    This is the bands first recording and is done well I think. I am big on harmony vocal lines that would have made it a little nicer...but, not better.The feel of the record is dark the acoustic guitar souds really good he's got a good live tone a...(more)
    Recordings: Acoustic/Folk · Posted: 2/6/2007 by Joe Ramirez (703)