Guitar Reviews by Tony Cekolin

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  1. NoteWorthy ArtWare NoteWorthy Composer ·
    I am a budding musician so I can't say it has made me better, but I was able to learn many fundamental things about notation from Noteworthy and it certainly whetted my appetite to learn to actually play something. Overall a great program to hel...(more)
    Software: Tab/Notation · Posted: 8/28/2000 by Tony Cekolin (282)
  2. Inside The Music ·
    I have only looked at the first couple of lessons, but what I can see looks great. The information is presented in a very clear manner. The site design is very good. I like the illustrations provided. I think I'll like this site a lot.
    Instruction: On-Line · Posted: 8/29/2000 by Tony Cekolin (282)
  3. Trax In Space ·
    The site is really geared toward electronic musicians, but there is so much good music up there that everyone can find something to listen to. There are good interviews and feature articles as well.
    Other: Web Directories · Posted: 8/29/2000 by Tony Cekolin (282)
  4. Acoustic Guitar Instrument Care & Repair ·
    Having photographs to go along with the explanations for things like changing strings helps a lot!. I as very impressed with the amount of content on the site as well as the quality of the content. My favorite part of the site has to be the phot...(more)
    Hands-On: Repair Tips · Posted: 8/31/2000 by Tony Cekolin (282)