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  1. ESP Ec-200qm ·
    I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for another axe to put in there arsenal. It is perfect for beginners. Once you play this guitar, you'll know that this is a keeper.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 5/17/2010 by Zach Rollins (176)
  2. ESP GL-256 ·
    Overall, it is the perfect blues guitar for its price, and is more than affordable. I would match this guitar with any other strat guitar out there. I have not tried any different pickups on this guitar, but, I would recommend it, just for adven...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 6/7/2010 by Zach Rollins (176)
  3. Ibanez AK 150 SM ·
    I would try to find this guitar at a local Ibanez dealer or store as soon as you can if you want the perfect jazz guitar at a reasonable price. It is an awsome guitar and worth every penny you'll pay for it.
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 6/9/2010 by Zach Rollins (176)
  4. Joe Cocker Hymn For My Soul by Joe Cocker ·
    As of late, Joe has been making CDs with other peoples songs.(Usually 60's and 70's soul and rock). He lost his voice some time ago, but he still has the same feeling, and for those who appreciate his career will enjoy it and its fresh arrangeme...(more)
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · Posted: 12/22/2010 by Zach Rollins (176)
  5. Larry Coryell Power Jazz Guitar by Larry Coryell ·
    It is an excellent book containing songs of his that he has recorded over his career. He explains very comprehensively and shares his method of improvisation and dissonance in a genius manner. If you want to improve and delve into a deeper and a...(more)
    Books/Tab: Jazz · Posted: 12/30/2010 by Zach Rollins (176)
  6. Danelectro Transparent Overdrive ·
    This overdrive is perfect for classic rock, and you should use it with other pedals. You will find many unique tones.
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 3/29/2013 by Zach Rollins (176)