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  1. Guitar War ·
    I like this site alot i read the judgings and listen to the compititions and if u like a particular song that someone performed u can learn the man riffs and how to play it i thinmk its a fabulous site with exceptional musicians
    Writing/Recording: Songwriting Sites · Posted: 12/30/2005 by Chris Nichols (76)
  2. Fruity Loops Backing Tracks ·
    I really love this program i highly recomend it but it isnt free u can download the free demo which i recomend u do b4 u buy it so u can figure out the program b4 u spend money on it ever since ive learned how to use it if im not playing my wash...(more)
    Writing/Recording: MIDI-Related Sites · Posted: 12/31/2005 by Chris Nichols (76)