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  1. Fender The Twin ·
    I looked at other Fender Twins, and other combos. This sounded best to me, had the features I wanted. Favorite aspect: 1/4 power switch, cuts out power tubes to 1/4 but still leaves full tube preamp, for a great lower wattage sound. 2nd good asp...(more)
    Equipment: Amplifiers · Posted: 3/12/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  2. Fender US Fat Tele ·
    I looked at and played the other tele models. This one had better tone than 2 single coils, and not as twangy. 5 way switch with a humbucker neck pickup was a good setup and sound for me. Fav aspect...not the standard tele. This particular model...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/12/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  3. Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor ·
    After hearing this I did not need to look elsewhere. Listen to AC DC, Jimmy Herring, Mettalica they all use Tube Factor
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 3/12/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  4. Roland GR-33 ·
    Excellent Guitar synth, worth the $ if your looking for a versatile great sounding guitar synth. If you wanna play trumpet, hammond B3, fiddle, sax, or even an oboe with your guitar, this is your synth. could be better with digital and balanced ...(more)
    Equipment: Effects · Posted: 3/17/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  5. Martin 000-18 ·
    I really wanted a Martin, and this was reasonably priced for it's features and overall quality. Compared to other brands of similar features and sound, this just won me over. It's not the most beautiful natural finish matched knarled hardwood lo...(more)
    Equipment: Guitars · Posted: 3/23/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  6. dbx Drive Rack PA ·
    Well this is the improvment many of us Audio engineers have thought about and even helped design. It really does make our job somewhat easier, but better yet it makes all the PA's we run sound muchmuch tighter, cleaner, and overall better soundi...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 3/23/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  7. BBE I882 Sonic Maximizer ·
    I was skeptical about using this with my system, and now looking back maybe even a lil egotistical, thinking another device could make my system sound better? I own a dbx drive rack which I thought brought PA gear into the 22nd century was all t...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 3/23/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  8. dbx IEQ-31 ·
    For a monitor engineer this is a godsend, the AFS (auto feedback suppression) feature is worth the price alone..combined with the noise reduction, and awesome digital eq control, yes this is a digital eq despite its appearance. It functions and ...(more)
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 3/23/2004 by John Murchison (138)
  9. JBL SRX 4725 ·
    I looked at EAW, and Yamaha. Nothing else fit my needs. If your looking for an arrayable compact high powered flexible use 2 way cabinet, and you can't afford a vertec system, SRX 4725 is your answer
    Equipment: Pro Audio Gear · Posted: 2/24/2005 by John Murchison (138)