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  1. Vulgar Display Of Power by Pantera (5.0 Stars · 10 Reviews)
    Pantera's second major release. A bit more powerful than CFH, but it has the same feel.
    Recordings: Metal · 3983 Hits · Posted on 6/3/2000 by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304)

  2. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Iced Earth (4.3 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    From the slower Watching Over Me, to the thrashy My Own Saviour,this cd sums up the band. The copying of Metallica(Blackened) in the song Stand Alone can be very distracting. Despite this, these guys did a very good job with this cd.
    Recordings: Metal · 779 Hits · Posted on 4/23/2000 by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304)

  3. Cowboys From Hell by Pantera (4.7 Stars · 9 Reviews)
    This is the first major release from one of the biggest metal bands around. Tracks are fast, aggressive, and heavy, making some very exciting music.
    Recordings: Metal · 5850 Hits · Posted on 3/9/2000 by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304)