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  1. The only software to train guitarists and bassists(4,5,6 string)how to sightread.Jazz voicings,chords scales,Perfect and relative pitch,the Invertor,the progression trainer.Lots of other tools you knew you needed-but nobody ever made them until now!
    Software: Instructional · 1052 Hits · Posted on 8/2/2008 by Sean Clancy (51)

  2. For Guitar,Bass (4,5 and 6 string),saxophone, trumpet,cello,violin or flute!Completely and utterly under your control!Whole notes, 1/2notes,1/4 notes,1/8th notes,1/16th notes and their triplets as well!
    Software: Instructional · 1594 Hits · Posted on 12/6/2006 by Sean Clancy (51)