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  1. Ovation Balladeer Special - S861 (4.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    If you're looking for a "playable" acoustic, this is the way to go; however, you'll need to go to the music shops and find one that has a solid unplugged sound.
    Equipment: Guitars · 6340 Hits · Posted on 4/26/2000 by Jim Keenan (391)
  2. Bright, sophisticated, melodic, tight. You will have a hard time taking this out of your CD player.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 984 Hits · Posted on 3/3/2000 by Jim Keenan (391)
  3. Mock Tudor by Richard Thompson (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Dark sounding folk/rock. The guitar parts on "Hard On Me' are alone worth the price. Thompson's vocal quality harkens back to the English minstrel singer. A best of '99
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 1998 Hits · Posted on 3/3/2000 by Jim Keenan (391)