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  1. Pornograffitti by Extreme (4.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    If you like to listen to a band that can do more than one style, and don't mind all of those styles on one albume this is it.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 792 Hits · Posted on 2/28/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  2. Charlie Hunter (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Charlie's site, has show dates and his new album for sale. Also has info on his custom made 8 string Bass/guitars.
    Musicians: Musician Websites · 1123 Hits · Posted on 2/28/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)

  3. Ernie Ball/Music Man Super Slinkys (4.1 Stars · 7 Reviews)
    9 gauge high E. Good sound, fairly warm when new. Light and easy to fret. Don't last very long, start to get tinny, or twangy at about 4 weeks. By 6 I can't take in any more. Still I like them.
    Equipment: Strings · 3759 Hits · Posted on 2/17/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  4. Toys In The Attic by Aerosmith (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Classic rock, classic Aerosmith.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 1456 Hits · Posted on 2/17/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  5. Guitar Start (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    If you need tabs, info on equipment or tires or rims it's the place to go.
    Instruction: On-Line · 1490 Hits · Posted on 2/17/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)

  6. History Of The Electric Guitar (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Tons of info, on how, who, and where the electric guitar started and got here.
    Other: Miscellaneous · 1729 Hits · Posted on 2/17/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)

  7. Sonic Net (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Sonic net's My radio is your radio station.
    On-Line Music: Radio Sites · 1837 Hits · Posted on 2/6/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)

  8. Chuck Berry, Mr. Rock And Roll (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    The Chuck Berry website, pics, bios, and tour dates. It also has info on Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard.
    Musicians: Musician Websites · 952 Hits · Posted on 2/1/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)

  9. Great 28 by Chuck Berry (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    28 of Chuck's best. That says it all. It is amazing to listen to this and see how many the riffs done by Chuck were used by others later. Certianly if there would have been electronic sample machines then Chuck would have been sampled to the moon.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 2149 Hits · Posted on 1/31/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  10. Very light feeling CD. Definetly gives on a sense of outdoors and nature. Soothing and yet lively. A very interesting and enjoyable CD.
    Recordings: Jazz · 513 Hits · Posted on 1/30/2001 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  11. Ibanez IBZ-10 Tone Blaster (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Good little practice amp, low price works fine inside normal size room. Great starter amp. Only real minus is it has no reverb. Got this amp as part of a starter set for my son.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · 4363 Hits · Posted on 10/28/2000 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  12. Acoustic Planet by Craig Chaquico (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    New Age, borderline Jazz? instumental guitar music. I heard this from a friend and enjoyed this very much and recommend it highly. I don't own it yet, but will be buying it.
    Recordings: Other · 1187 Hits · Posted on 10/27/2000 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  13. Gibson X-men Wolverine Les Paul (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Limited edition X-men, Black with Wolverine and X-men graphics
    Equipment: Guitars · 5429 Hits · Posted on 10/22/2000 by Alvin Mullen (1442)
  14. Georges Music (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Stores in PA and FL. Prices just a little more than Musicians Friend and you can walk in try out most anything. If your in PA or FL
    Marketplace: Music Stores · 2696 Hits · Posted on 10/22/2000 by Alvin Mullen (1442)

  15. Riff Tech (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    I haven't wandered around this site much, but I love the cord finder Java applet on the homw page. Pick a cord and it shows it to you.
    Instruction: On-Line · 1416 Hits · Posted on 10/16/2000 by Alvin Mullen (1442)