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  1. On-Line Concerts (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Live shows performed in clubs, I think mostly from Texas. Some top acts Live, including my favorite performer Monte Montgomery.
    Other: Miscellaneous · 617 Hits · Posted on 12/28/2001 by Peter O'Neill (812)

  2. Wishing Well by Monte Montgomery (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Monte is attempting to reach a larger audience, with songs that are radio friendly.I miss is his masterfull acoustic guitar playing, where he has no peers. Still I recommend this CD, also try his last CD "Mirror"
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 1185 Hits · Posted on 8/11/2001 by Peter O'Neill (812)

  3. Alvarez Yazuo Yairi DY62C (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This is a hand made and signed by the Luthier dreadnought electric acoustic guitar The sweetest sounding guitar I own.
    Equipment: Guitars · 5691 Hits · Posted on 8/19/2000 by Peter O'Neill (812)
  4. Crate DC125D ACOUSTIC (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This is a 125 watt acoustic guitar amp, a perfect partner for my Takamine JJ325SRC, this amp has a bunch of digital effects, and power to spare.
    Equipment: Amplifiers · 3410 Hits · Posted on 4/4/2000 by Peter O'Neill (812)
  5. Nothing But A Burning Light by Bruce Cockburn (4.5 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Some nice acoustic guitar playing here. He plays a resonator guitar. I think he's been around for a while, but is new to me. A talented singer/songwriter.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 907 Hits · Posted on 1/25/2000 by Peter O'Neill (812)
  6. Listener Supported by Dave Matthews Band (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    A 2 CD live session. This band is so tight, a studio recording couldn't be any better. They have something for all musical tastes - even you Jazz guys will enjoy this 2-cd collection.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 1563 Hits · Posted on 12/27/1999 by Peter O'Neill (812)

  7. Read what the Pros say about Monte.......
    Musicians: Musician Websites · 1236 Hits · Posted on 11/23/1999 by Peter O'Neill (812)

  8. Monte Montgomery's Musicorner (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Lots of free MP3 files of live performances
    Musicians: Musician Websites · 1873 Hits · Posted on 11/23/1999 by Peter O'Neill (812)

  9. 1st & Repair by Monte Montgomery (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    A must for any guitar player who thinks there are limits He is the only Rock musician on this exclusivley Jazz label, he's that good.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 1227 Hits · Posted on 11/23/1999 by Peter O'Neill (812)
  10. Mirror by Monte Montgomery (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This CD is a feast for the ears and eyes..Yes! that's right, eyes. Check out track 10 (play it on your computer, view with a media player eg. Quicktime) and see what all the fuss is about.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 1013 Hits · Posted on 10/25/1999 by Peter O'Neill (812)