John Rich's Points

  • WholeNote uses a point system to help identify those members who contribute to our community.
  • The higher the number, the more prominent the member in the WholeNote community.
  • Points are used simply for status and respect. They have no intrinsic monetary value.
Point Total for John Rich
20 pointsfor creating a home page
80 pointsfor 8 published lesson pages
-10 pointsfor published lesson paged with no information
56 pointsfor 14 resources
68 pointsfor 17 resource reviews
2174 pointsfor 1087 FretBuzz messages
801 pointsfor general site usage (logging in, rating content, commenting, sending feedback, etc.)
Total: 3189 points
How Does the Point System Work?
  • 20 points for creating a home page
  • 20 points for each featured article
  • 20 points for each MP3 submission
  • 15 points for each blog post
  • 10 points for each published lesson page
  • -10 points for each published lesson pag with no information
  • 4 points for each resource
  • 4 points for each resource review
  • 3 points for each e-mailed link
  • 2 points for each FretBuzz message
  • 1 points for each login per day
  • 1 points for each comment on content
  • 1 points for each rating of content
  • 1 points for each feedback message