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  1. Ondrej Trubac (232)
    Instructional Forum · 25 Hits · 11/9/2005 11:35 AM
    I think that most players prefer pick, because its faster for soloing and better for rhytmical riffs. But it depends on style you want to play. Typical McLaughlin plays this way only and it's no doubt it is excellent. Also lot of new flamenco pl...(more)
  2. Ondrej Trubac (232)
    Instructional Forum · 45 Hits · 11/3/2005 11:31 AM
    Hi, I am still admiring flamenco guitarists of their extraordinary right hand moves and this is one thing that does not make me sleep well. I mean picking when thumb is falling down to next strings and creates amazing bass or solo patterns. I wo...(more)
  3. Ondrej Trubac (232)
    Instructional Forum · 26 Hits · 10/19/2005 6:18 AM
    Well it is sometimes same to me that I can play lot of songs, but in some moment I recognize that it is far from perfect and I do lot of mistakes. So you must think about what are the reasons. Think about everything what you are doing in general...(more)
  4. Ondrej Trubac (232)
    Instructional Forum · 36 Hits · 10/18/2005 5:31 PM
    If you are just looking for interesting pieces to play you can find a lot on internet if you try. For example nice and precise tabs also with midi files are available on Also lot of staff is possible to obtain from peer-...(more)