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  1. Marcos Macias (707)
    Equipment Forum · 60 Hits · 5/25/2005 12:38 PM
    same pretty much....
  2. Marcos Macias (707)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 120 Hits · 5/1/2005 5:38 PM
    Mine is Jasper Cornelius W. S---z...either that or Phuckin Phil.....
  3. Marcos Macias (707)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 55 Hits · 3/16/2005 4:38 PM
    I do it every now and then, but it purely psychological. If you think it makes you better, it will. If you don't, it won't. I think it does and when I do do it, I shred, but only b/c I think it does make you better.
  4. Marcos Macias (707)
    WholeNote Forum · 97 Hits · 3/4/2005 10:19 PM
    I wonder why, as popular it is now, why WholeNote doesn't have an alternate tuning for the composer and tuner. Most songs these days are in either dropped D, double dropped D, or dropped C. It'd be nice to be able to compensate....just a thought...(more)
  5. Marcos Macias (707)
    Artists Forum · 95 Hits · 12/1/2004 4:15 PM
    Imagine is just one of the covers. They have like 8 more covers on this one cd....not 8 but somewhere around it......great cd for just listening.....all the way through.
  6. Marcos Macias (707)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 72 Hits · 11/24/2004 2:19 PM
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Drive safely, don't party to hard, eat lots of food.
  7. Marcos Macias (707)
    Artists Forum · 71 Hits · 11/23/2004 11:48 PM
    Stairway to Heaven Jimmy Page.....that and Hotel California, Joe Walsh
  8. Marcos Macias (707)
    Artists Forum · 78 Hits · 11/22/2004 9:56 PM
    Try some of that R&B stuff. I don't like it but a lot of girls do from what I see. Try some of that 90's gooey stuff. Works pretty well.
  9. Marcos Macias (707)
    Artists Forum · 98 Hits · 11/22/2004 9:53 PM
    Has anyone heard of this new cd by A Perfect Circle? Of course you have (if not then it's their newest cd with a lot of covers). I like the cover of John Lennons "Imagine". I was wanting to know what yall (i'm from Oklahoma, get off me) thought ...(more)
  10. Marcos Macias (707)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 68 Hits · 11/21/2004 7:08 PM
    Love it. Never saw the mistake so its only a mistake b/c you know its there. Great stuff. HEHE (two points)
  11. Marcos Macias (707)
    WholeNote Forum · 52 Hits · 11/21/2004 7:04 PM
    I don't know where to find them............i hate being a newb
  12. Marcos Macias (707)
    WholeNote Forum · 81 Hits · 11/21/2004 2:02 PM
    Hey i'm new......where do I look at the ratings of my lessons?