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  1. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 84 Hits · 5/9/2003 10:50 AM
    Budget-wise I am not willing to spend much more than, say, 1000 euros. Also I forgot to mention it needs to have enough power for playing in a band... Thanks for suggestions so far, few years ago I knew something about recent amps, but there ha...(more)
  2. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 207 Hits · 5/7/2003 1:06 PM
    Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I was logged on WN (lack of time...) but I need your help, people! For practical reasons I am planning to sell my Carvin tube head/Laney cab and buy a good tube combo. Basically it needs to have... - ...(more)
  3. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 97 Hits · 4/27/2001 3:16 PM
    I dont play for example jazz very often because I am not good enough at it. The same goes for classical guitar music. I do play some classical stuff with electric but my poor skills limit my repertoire with classical guitar. Anyway I would say y...(more)
  4. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Open Forum · 112 Hits · 2/9/2001 4:57 PM
    Its depending on your style: you can be a good blues player for example without knowing lots of theory, but if you want to play jazz for example, its a different story. You have to know fretboard well anyway because I believe at least in some wa...(more)
  5. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Open Forum · 87 Hits · 2/6/2001 6:37 AM
    I would propably go for it. Stealing something (on purpose) is simply wrong and one shouldnt get away with it even though there are more serious ways to steal something.
  6. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 94 Hits · 2/5/2001 7:01 AM
    No it doesnt seem like it at would be boring if we would agree every time. Different opinions were something I wanted to hear when starting this thread anyway!
  7. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 112 Hits · 1/28/2001 11:22 AM
    I guess G.A.S symptoms are multiplying: buy more equipment - need even more equipment (: Seriously, modelling amps offer great versatility and quite good sounds too, which means they are good choice for people who need versatile and practical am...(more)
  8. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 86 Hits · 1/27/2001 1:18 PM
    Yes your explanation makes sense...Actually when I bought my Zoom I was in cover band too (even though we had own songs too) playing music from Beatles or Clapton to Metallica. Now I think my amp and two pedals give enough versatility for even p...(more)
  9. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 80 Hits · 1/26/2001 3:20 PM
    Agreed. Perhaps I gave wrong impression when I referred to your sound changes (I hope I will learn some day to write my posts in a way I dont have to "correct" some things I couldnt say clearly enough in first time. Please be patient with me!). ...(more)
  10. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 85 Hits · 1/26/2001 10:25 AM
    If I remember correctly its 2020 (I borrowed it to my friend some time ago and havent used it for a long time). I have tried it many ways (via effects loop/via mixing board/straight...) and it doesnt help because sound quality of 2020 simply doe...(more)
  11. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 37 Hits · 1/26/2001 10:08 AM
    Sorry for spelling errors by the way! Also I must add something:<br /><br />"I know some people who can hear differences in sounds I cant and I consider tham unbelievable"<br /><br />I didnt mean anyone who has better ears than me is automatical...(more)
  12. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 40 Hits · 1/26/2001 10:02 AM
    First link in my chain is a player. Why? Amp doesnt create the sound, it amplifies it, effects add something or even change the sound, player creates the sound by playing his/her guitar! I agree you can have fairly good sound if one part of the ...(more)
  13. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 1/21/2001 5:13 AM
    I didnt meant I dont like effects, I wanted to point out if the sound is not good without effects, it will not be good with effects either. Effects add something to the sound, but they dont be a magical way to make Bomber practising amp sound li...(more)
  14. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 412 Hits · 1/20/2001 4:51 PM
    I would like to ask your opinion on this: Many times in the beginning something "perfect-sounding" will sound bad after playing couple of years. Why is this? In my opinion guitarists ear develops sound-wise and thats why certain equipment sounds...(more)
  15. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Instructional Forum · 69 Hits · 1/20/2001 4:11 PM
    Your progression (C-F-G) has notes c-e-g f-a-c g-b-d = c-d-e-f-g-a-b = C major/Aminor scale. Since overall tonality is C major/A minor it is natural choice. Of course you can also use C major/A minor pentatonic too (simply take b and f off). All...(more)
  16. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 42 Hits · 1/18/2001 11:50 AM
    Im afraid thats not possible since it wouldnt be a good idea to buy guitar without trying it first. Also shipping and customs might cause problems. Ill keep my eyes open if someone has one or knows a music store which sells it, lets hope Ill be ...(more)
  17. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Open Forum · 179 Hits · 1/18/2001 7:52 AM
    Difficult question! Some of the 80s metal bands were awful. My friend has 80s metal video collection which is something we might watch when we are too drunk to watch actual comedy films. It has a band called Warrior and their song is "Fighting F...(more)
  18. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Equipment Forum · 42 Hits · 1/18/2001 7:37 AM
    I have never seen this guitar in any music store so I dont know how good chances I have to test it. Pickups would propably be replaced (perhaps Dimarzio YJM on neck...Seymour Duncan Custom Custom on bridge...) and neck scalloped and I would have...(more)
  19. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Announcements Forum · 77 Hits · 1/18/2001 7:02 AM
    If anyone of you likes progressive/melodic metal played by brilliant musicians check out<br /><br /><br /><br />I wanted to share this because it is difficult to find entire songs from good bands in Mp3 etc. These...(more)
  20. Peppe Lahtinen (1754)
    Theory Forum · 39 Hits · 1/18/2001 6:54 AM
    I remember reading from somewhere only 1 of 10000 has perfect pitch. I know few people who have almost perfect pitch or relative pitch but not anyone who has absolutely perfect pitch (though I have met people with perfect pitch briefly). It is a...(more)