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  1. Arie Kanarie (603)
    Artists Forum · 64 Hits · 4/7/2005 1:54 PM
    In response to Charlie's message, I think I know of a composition by Segovia (I can even play most part of it), its called Remembranza. I'm almost sure it is Segovia's, thats what my cd says (I will look up the title of the cd) Greetz Arie
  2. Arie Kanarie (603)
    WholeNote Forum · 77 Hits · 4/6/2005 3:15 PM
    After working on it quite a long time, today I finally finished Beethoven's "Fur Elise". Unfortunately, my lesson doesn't appear in the classical directory yet. With my other lessons, when I published them they appeared directly in the list. Is ...(more)
  3. Arie Kanarie (603)
    Theory Forum · 52 Hits · 3/29/2005 3:11 PM
    Hi Kirk, yeah thats right, Arie
  4. Arie Kanarie (603)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 47 Hits · 3/29/2005 12:41 PM
    This is pretty damn far from being dark and evil sounding but is sounds beautiful anyway. It kinda gives a dreamy happy space-like trip experience on which one floats for hours and hours. greetingz Arie
  5. Arie Kanarie (603)
    Theory Forum · 149 Hits · 3/29/2005 12:26 PM
    Hello all, can someone explain how i should go about creating a second voice for any song? in order to be able to play it as a duet? thanks in advance, greetingz Arie
  6. Arie Kanarie (603)
    WholeNote Forum · 109 Hits · 3/28/2005 3:09 AM
    Hello all, i just love this site, the main reason is that i can enter any song into a lesson, play it back to listen how it sounds (and immediately see if i like the song enough to learn it), and can play along on a slower pace to study it, t...(more)