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  1. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 24 Hits · 8/3/2010 9:30 AM
    Yo brother Chris!! Thanks man, much appreciated. I wish I could edit my post so I canfind out why the pics didn't show up. I thought img was the way to go. No dice. LOL!! I can't get enough of those Carvins I tell ya. I know you feel the same....(more)
  2. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 108 Hits · 8/2/2010 3:52 AM
    Great guitars, everyone! I have quite a few over here myself, and my moods change from time to time. I have a rack that holds 10 on my I rotate them every few months and load a few up from the cases. But these days there are 4 that alw...(more)
  3. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Instructional Forum · 146 Hits · 8/2/2010 3:39 AM
    Hi Cinda, To be honest about your scoop questions, just about every player I know likes to crank the hell out of their bass and mid range to make things sound warm and thick. However, what they don't realize is when you kick up all that bass in...(more)
  4. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 52 Hits · 5/30/2010 7:24 PM
    That's pretty cool, Edd. Do you know the differences between the free one and the one you pay for? I was trying to find out, but they don't list the free one in the comparisson part of their site. I was just curious what the pay one does that th...(more)
  5. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 5/2/2010 7:06 PM
    Ah Chris, I'm just warming up bro. When you tune like a jack-a-lope like I do, you get used to playing in Kb, I#, R#, V#, Lb, W# and my latest tuning this week, Xb. When someone ask's me what tuning I use, I tell them B L O W M first they...(more)
  6. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Instructional Forum · 23 Hits · 5/1/2010 10:17 PM
    LOL you remember the quarters trick too eh? Hahahahaha!!! How about this...the first Ibanez Rock and Play phrase! The damned thing would bring the phrase down, but wouldn't do an octave of the you'd have to learn the lick...(more)
  7. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 4/30/2010 11:05 AM
    In my opinion, the number 1 thing I feel is important is to know the song structure. Meaning, you know what's coming up next. This in turn allows you to know which is a verse, which is a chorus, which is a bridge or a pre-chorus etc. Before I e...(more)
  8. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Artists Forum · 33 Hits · 2/19/2010 1:38 PM
    Definitely some of the 70's stuff for me as well, Warren. That's kinda when I started walking around doing guitar solo's with my mouth. LOL!!! I kinda had the bug then but was still a drummer and trumpet player. I picked up trumpet because of th...(more)
  9. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Artists Forum · 34 Hits · 2/18/2010 6:07 AM
    You know it's funny...I always wished I was alive back in those times, but then it occurs to me...I don't know how much I'd be interested in guitar. When I listen to older music, it was always the singing and melodies that got to me moreso than ...(more)
  10. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 32 Hits · 2/13/2010 7:04 AM
    Hey Warren, sorry to butt in here....but I just replied to a message you sent like months ago! I'm soo sorry I didn't see it and reply sooner. Not sure what the deal is with that, but I wanted to let you know I just replied to it and wanted to a...(more)
  11. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 11/30/2009 8:31 AM
    Uggh, I'm such a stickler for guitar and gear maintenance upkeeping. I change strings at least once a week or every 2 weeks. For shows, new strings for every show. You gotta admit, new strings just feels and sounds soo much better. For string...(more)
  12. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 29 Hits · 11/23/2009 9:56 PM
    Yep. I'd agree with you which is why I named that particular unit. It doesn't compress at all...however, I have been able to use it to "enhance". But it doesn't compress at all, that's for sure. The Keeley stuff is much better but still doesn't ...(more)
  13. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 31 Hits · 11/23/2009 6:26 PM
    Matt, if you use those Keeley compressors...this is why you would like them better after your distortion. Keep in mind man, though he considers them to be compressors, a REAL compressor does not work like those do. See, you have to know the dif...(more)
  14. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 27 Hits · 11/23/2009 6:13 PM
    Yep, it is all rack gear...but it's how most of the big boys control these heavier sounds. If they aren't doing it inside their rig, the engineer that recorded their album used a compressor like what I've mentioned. If they don't use one in thei...(more)
  15. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 33 Hits · 11/20/2009 4:11 PM
    I'll see if I can post up a sound sometime this weekend for you so you can see where I'm coming from. You'll probably hate my tone as it's not for everyone lol....but I can show you the difference of using the compressor and not using it. As f...(more)
  16. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 36 Hits · 11/20/2009 9:09 AM
    Keep in mind, a pedal is not a good representation of a "good compressor". Most of them fall way short. You need something that gives you ratio, attack time, release time and threshold. This gives you the control to have the compressor kick at t...(more)
  17. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Equipment Forum · 51 Hits · 11/19/2009 8:27 PM
    Michael, in my experience, it depends on what amp/pre-amp you use. Granted, reducing gain is definitely a way to get things more clear, however, with the right rig, you can achieve great results going crazy with gain. The key is also the right c...(more)
  18. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Open Forum · 19 Hits · 10/13/2009 5:32 AM
    Totally agree with you there Dan. I've played guitars costing thousands...and to be honest, I've never felt they felt or sounded as good as they cost. I understand that some vintage guitars will bring in quite a few bucks, but guitars for thousa...(more)
  19. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 16 Hits · 10/3/2009 3:19 AM
    Chris...I got one for would ya like to go through life with the name.....ready for this.... Mike Oxmall!!! LMAO! ;)
  20. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Instructional Forum · 24 Hits · 9/15/2009 9:59 AM
    Actually this is a tough question for me to answer. As wordy as I am and as much as I love to help people and try to inspire them, I wouldn't say much to a new guitar player UNLESS I was specifically asked questions. It really depends where the...(more)