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  1. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 171 Hits · 3/26/2001 8:55 PM
    hey everybody, its jason writing from Israel. Just checked in and the site looks great. I have 1306 new messages to check up on, so i'll be quite busy, but otherwise I think things are looking just as good since my last visit. Life in israel ...(more)
  2. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 131 Hits · 9/16/2000 5:44 AM
    Hey everyone. Its been a while. Im writing from israel now on a break from my 6 day work week. I dont have access to a computer, so I haven't been able to visit and probly wont be. The good news is that instead of noodling around wholenote a...(more)
  3. Jason Reich (1765)
    Announcements Forum · 114 Hits · 5/8/2000 8:48 AM
    Actually, I think I'm going to buy a new amp and some analog pedals. I just played a nightmare gig in which my digital pedal broke down on me half-way through (mid solo!). I was crushed. Now I will live and breathe analog. I found some poten...(more)
  4. Jason Reich (1765)
    Announcements Forum · 124 Hits · 5/3/2000 1:35 PM
    Hi everyone, I know, its been awhile. Anyhow, those of you who have ever been curious to see what I look like can check out my picture on the web (not yet, but soon). It will be at<br /> Yes, you read that correc...(more)
  5. Jason Reich (1765)
    Theory Forum · 109 Hits · 4/14/2000 11:01 AM
    Spanish phrygian? Thats sounds right cuz the scale sounds very exotic. Thanks alot for the chords too.
  6. Jason Reich (1765)
    Theory Forum · 164 Hits · 4/10/2000 9:38 AM
    Hey everybody, long time no see, ive been really busy lately and haven't had much time for WN. Anyways, i'm looking for chords that work with C harmonic minor scale and the Basics only gives me C chords. Also, what would you call a C harmonic ...(more)
  7. Jason Reich (1765)
    Announcements Forum · 152 Hits · 4/3/2000 9:29 AM
    Hey everyone, Im back from spring break. I was home the whole time, but my computer was broken and I couldn't feed my WN addiction. The good news is that I played alot more guitar (even adding one to my collection) and am ready to write some w...(more)
  8. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 113 Hits · 3/16/2000 1:47 PM
    I'd also go with Hetfeild for metal. In other genres, I'd pick Dave Mathews with his acoustic skills, and as cheesy as it sounds, hendrix for just all around best. Im not even going to try Jazz so don't yell at me for leaving out Charlie Chris...(more)
  9. Jason Reich (1765)
    Theory Forum · 144 Hits · 3/15/2000 12:29 PM
    oh yeh, one last thing. I'm hoping to use this in Rock songwriting, not Jazz.
  10. Jason Reich (1765)
    Theory Forum · 117 Hits · 3/15/2000 12:28 PM
    actually, my request is very strange. I can play all of these strange chords and I know alot of voicings, but when it comes time for songwriting, I usually find myself with something like this. cho|0|2|2|1|0|0|E|cho cho|x|x|5|4|3|0|G|cho cho|x...(more)
  11. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 101 Hits · 3/8/2000 3:14 PM
    I noticed your name and musical focus match that of a certain guitarist who tours with Dave Mathews. Do you listen to his stuff alot?
  12. Jason Reich (1765)
    Theory Forum · 115 Hits · 3/8/2000 3:06 PM
    Would someone like to publish a "using 4 note chords for dummies" lesson. Whenever I try to stick something beyond 1,3,5,b7 in my songs it ends up sounding like s---. I am very lost. Its not the fingering or the theory that bugs me, its the qu...(more)
  13. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 35 Hits · 3/8/2000 2:49 PM
    Im 17 and from NJ, so I'd gladly be a roadie for your NJ gigs when you get famous. My advice for now... play your school to death. It works in two ways... No one spreads news better than teenagers. If they like what they see, you'll get a fan...(more)
  14. Jason Reich (1765)
    Artists Forum · 54 Hits · 3/8/2000 10:37 AM
    "Stream" by Tim Reynolds is my favorite
  15. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 183 Hits · 3/8/2000 10:36 AM
    Kid rock is actually a very talented musician. He composed the entire string arrangements for some of his songs on his new album and has been around for a while. He was huge in detroit and only hit the mainstream with his third album "Devil Wi...(more)
  16. Jason Reich (1765)
    Instructional Forum · 56 Hits · 3/6/2000 9:28 AM
    I'll list a few off the top of my head. "turn the page", "2x4", thats all I can think of now. Metallica aint really a slide guitar band, y'know?
  17. Jason Reich (1765)
    Open Forum · 66 Hits · 3/1/2000 3:01 PM
    This is just a wild conjecture...<br />I think it is possible to learn perfect pitch, and like all brian functions, it is never a case of you have it or you don't. Imagine this... IF you hit the high E string, and let it drone for a few second...(more)
  18. Jason Reich (1765)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 46 Hits · 3/1/2000 12:22 PM
    I got that ssame feeling just last friday. I played the third gig of my life in front of 150 or so folks! They loved it. It was a totaly improvised blues Jam and it was the first time I improvised live. Its quite an experiance. I encourage...(more)
  19. Jason Reich (1765)
    Equipment Forum · 55 Hits · 3/1/2000 11:37 AM
    two words, Mesa Boogie
  20. Jason Reich (1765)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 212 Hits · 3/1/2000 11:36 AM
    I don't really hate drummers, but I'll follow the trend.<br /> Q: What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? A: A drummer