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  1. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 16 Hits · 4/21/2004 2:40 PM
    but I always thought he was vastly over rated for "Speak of the Devil". Think about it, was that not EVERY rock guitarist's dream? I mean play Black Sabbath songs & get to add your own little licks, etc. to them? Gillis is a fine guitarist, ...(more)
  2. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 21 Hits · 4/21/2004 7:42 AM
    Have you heard Randy Rhoads?
  3. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 59 Hits · 4/20/2004 1:15 PM
    I'm looking to buy some headphones for home use. I'll be using them for my amplifier (late night practice, etc.), & my son for a digital drum machine & his bass amplifier. I'm lookingin the $50 price range. Any suggestions?
  4. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 21 Hits · 4/20/2004 9:14 AM
    Rhoads was in a different league than Lee and/or Zak. Rhoads' playing can be best described as what we are all after: EFFORTLESS. He was smooth as glass, yet precise as a pin.
  5. Mark Collins (3026)
    Instructional Forum · 16 Hits · 4/19/2004 2:34 PM
    The longer I play I have found the importance of warming up. Having a warm up routine is essential to playing. I alternate between playing & practicing. I mostly play classical material, & much of it is very difficult to play. So, I find...(more)
  6. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 25 Hits · 4/19/2004 2:25 PM
    Go to Musicians Friend & check out Behringer.
  7. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 13 Hits · 4/19/2004 2:23 PM
    I agree with all on the used instruments. Be careful, but take your time in looking. There are lots of good deals out there, but buy the one that pertains to YOU & what you want to do.
  8. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 54 Hits · 4/19/2004 2:21 PM
    Get a Yamaha DD55, you'll love it!
  9. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 4/19/2004 2:19 PM
    Fender makes a good polish, as does Martin. Yamaha does as well (anything Yamaha makes is top notch!). Stick to any of these 3 & you'll be fine.
  10. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 61 Hits · 4/16/2004 2:17 PM
    Since you're talking R&R here, my vote is for Metallica's "And Justice For All". What a horrible album!!!
  11. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 45 Hits · 4/16/2004 2:14 PM
    I always thought Dokken was a great band, but they got caught up in bad managemnent & marketing when trying to become a bandana wearing hair band. Dokken would've faired much better had they just been themselves. I like "Tooth & Nail" CD...(more)
  12. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 12 Hits · 4/16/2004 2:10 PM
    I saw Alice Cooper on his "The Nightmare Returns" tour in 1987 (long time ago!). It was a general admission show in Nashville's Municipal Auditorium. I remember Vinnie Vincent Invasion opened. Vinnie Vincent was horrible. I don't mean to knock a...(more)
  13. Mark Collins (3026)
    Artists Forum · 77 Hits · 4/16/2004 2:06 PM
    Led Zeppelin IV, Stairway to Heaven. I also like The battle of Evermore. BTW, have you ever heard Heart's cover of Battle of Evermore? Very good.
  14. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 24 Hits · 4/15/2004 2:31 PM
    They make the finest guitars in the world in the $500 & under price range, you can't beat them.
  15. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 4/15/2004 11:42 AM This address will explain the difference. Yamaha makes a nice entry level guitar, so does Washburn & Alvarez. You really need to get a solid top. A spruce top will project much louder ...(more)
  16. Mark Collins (3026)
    Equipment Forum · 127 Hits · 4/15/2004 11:25 AM
    I use Dean Markley Blue Steel for my electric guitar, they do great for me. I use 10's instead of 9's for tuning/tone purposes. I use Dean Markley phosphur Bronze lights on my acoustic, they sound great, lots of punch & tone. However, I'm go...(more)