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  1. Jeff Potts (178)
    Theory Forum · 98 Hits · 11/24/2000 10:35 AM
    How about in the Stairway solo, when the slide guitars come in and the slides and Page do a call and respond? That's an example I always thought of.
  2. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 92 Hits · 9/5/2000 7:16 PM
    Also an Ibanez RG7 with DiMarzio Blaze 7 pickups with an H-H setup would help. (I'm a Korn fan but I had to congratulate people for their witty remarks on a "good Korn sound.")
  3. Jeff Potts (178)
    Instructional Forum · 154 Hits · 9/1/2000 8:00 PM
    Well, the first thing would be to have in your head what you want it to sound like.... think of what kind of emotion you want to get across... Most of the time you should base it off pentatonics for the time being. I say BASE because playing u...(more)
  4. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 112 Hits · 8/15/2000 6:18 PM
    Thanks for the help. Oh and I got Ernie Ball polish, and I only used a light coat for fear it would damage the finish, so I guess I did the right thing.
  5. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 117 Hits · 8/15/2000 5:38 PM
    Well I just got some guitar polish and a cleaning cloth, and want to know if anyone has any advice on how to use them (other than the obvious, I mean ways to not have streaks or how many coats to put on and stuff like that).
  6. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 114 Hits · 7/26/2000 2:55 PM
    I had a Squire II, I'd go for Squire over Sqire II and Fender over Squire. The bottom line? Get an Ibanez ;) . Well if you're a Fender player get a real Fender.
  7. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 138 Hits · 7/17/2000 12:11 PM
    Well I kinda need to get the fingerprints off my guitar and I was wondering if anyone knew some good brands of cleaning stuff... see on my last guitar someone figured they would clean some fingerprints for me with a paper towel and scratched th...(more)
  8. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 84 Hits · 7/17/2000 12:04 PM
    An Ibanez RG7420 7-string. Great guitar... once in a while it doesn't hold tune too well but it's good. The sound is great with the heavy distortion but my amp's low-end is crap so it really sucks sometimes to be blaring out a low A5th and get...(more)
  9. Jeff Potts (178)
    Open Forum · 79 Hits · 7/5/2000 2:56 PM
    He's right, is slow... is pretty fun. WN is the bomb.
  10. Jeff Potts (178)
    Open Forum · 75 Hits · 7/5/2000 2:55 PM
    I was really scared because I knew a few people who were at the concert. I think it's stupid people can get so rowdy at a concert to not realize they're CRUSHING somebody. I mean someone dying beneath your feet is something you usually notice.
  11. Jeff Potts (178)
    Open Forum · 28 Hits · 7/3/2000 2:57 PM
    Smells Like Teen Spirit. I couldn't do the power chords until I practiced for a while, so start out with just the bass notes of them. And I just worked on chords, G,C,D,E,A. But I did G like this: cho|3|x|0|0|3|3|cho |cr| And C like this: ...(more)
  12. Jeff Potts (178)
    Artists Forum · 36 Hits · 6/30/2000 11:58 AM
    Someone had to post: Led Zeppelin......Zoso (Four) Stairway had so many recording tricks to make it sound just right, and some of the others did too. Also Led Zeppelin II.
  13. Jeff Potts (178)
    Theory Forum · 97 Hits · 5/28/2000 11:16 AM
    When you plan an A sharp and it comes out B flat! Just heard that and I had nothing better to do but post it. ;)
  14. Jeff Potts (178)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 59 Hits · 5/27/2000 10:59 PM
    Guitar war is pretty cool, I'm signed up and I'm gonna start competing soon. It's not that competitive, I see nothing but love and peace (hippy-ish, but true). No one really gets p---ed at eachother or anything. I think they did a good job on...(more)
  15. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 78 Hits · 5/27/2000 10:55 PM
    I just got one of the black Ibanez RG 7-strings. Oh my God they are the s---! They rock so much! The sound is awesome, and you get 24 frets! Plus talk about sustain, you feel like you can hold a note forever! Just had to tell you guys that ...(more)
  16. Jeff Potts (178)
    Artists Forum · 33 Hits · 5/24/2000 1:32 PM
    1. Zeppelin 2. Nirvana (they got rid of the 80's!!!) 3. I guess.... some new rock bands we have today, they are really changing music.
  17. Jeff Potts (178)
    Artists Forum · 26 Hits · 5/24/2000 1:30 PM
    One day in the car Black Dog by Led Zeppelin came on and my Dad really liked them and he turned it up and I thought it was the most amazing thing I've ever heard, and at school the next day I organized a "band" with my friends (I was only in 5th...(more)
  18. Jeff Potts (178)
    Instructional Forum · 59 Hits · 5/24/2000 11:36 AM
    Just working on speed, speed, speed, and the Stairway to Heaven solo.
  19. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 5/15/2000 8:39 PM
    I got a lot of help from you guys especially on the pricing because my only stuff so far has been gifts (so it took me like years to get the stuff!). Anyhoo thanks.
  20. Jeff Potts (178)
    Equipment Forum · 81 Hits · 5/12/2000 4:30 PM
    I was messing around with my amp's settings and found this awesome way to simulate distortion! I have a Crate GX15R, and I don't know if it'll work on anything. You just press the overdrive button in and crank the gain and back off the level o...(more)