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  1. Chris Loper (165)
    Artists Forum · 80 Hits · 1/23/2005 7:57 PM
    Saw them with Van Halen last summer. Had a good sound,moderate energy. They have a sound thats a cross between Black Crows and Buckcherry, in my opinion. If the stay on the radio their fan base will surely grow.
  2. Chris Loper (165)
    Theory Forum · 205 Hits · 6/22/2004 8:27 AM
    I just printed out a copy of the circle of 5th's so i could study and learn it ( im trying to get a good foundation in music theory.). While looking over the paper i discovered i didnt have a clue as to what i was looking at. It tells me how man...(more)
  3. Chris Loper (165)
    Theory Forum · 106 Hits · 5/26/2004 8:23 AM
    thanks for the insight. It's a work in progress,but i am determaned. Also,thanks for all the input jon.
  4. Chris Loper (165)
    Artists Forum · 115 Hits · 5/20/2004 7:14 PM
    Has anybody seen or read anything on AA's tour schedule. If so are they touring in the states this year.
  5. Chris Loper (165)
    Theory Forum · 162 Hits · 5/20/2004 6:55 PM
    I was working on memorizing the fretboard when i came across this question. I have noticed that every time i pick the E note in the 2nd fret the big string E will vibrate without me picking it. Can anyone explain this automatic vibration? pleas...(more)
  6. Chris Loper (165)
    Artists Forum · 55 Hits · 4/20/2004 8:28 AM
    I just bought a copy and would have to say, I wish I could play like him. The man has definatly in his groove.