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  1. John Chamley (252)
    Open Forum · 56 Hits · 4/12/2005 3:17 PM
    Roy, About starting something new: It was my eight year old son a few years back who got me back into playing guitar after 20+ years. He was learning drums and I had bought an old amp and guitar to jam along together in the basement. I said a...(more)
  2. John Chamley (252)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 3/31/2005 9:31 AM
    Hey Roy, Thanks for saying hi. Back when we started learning, I got the impression that there were either classical players or pop/rock players. The electric guitar was kind of an aberattion for classical guitarists. I think there is still so...(more)
  3. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 46 Hits · 3/5/2005 6:54 AM
    This is for a new teaching studio where I will be teaching. The owner asked if I had any experience with this. I don't, so that's why I am asking. It has to look good. Thanks. JC
  4. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 63 Hits · 3/5/2005 6:14 AM
    Does anyone have experience and knowledge of a cost effective material to soundproof teaching studios? JC
  5. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 80 Hits · 3/2/2005 9:18 AM
    If you teach guitar and want more website traffic, or just want your phone to ring more often, add your listing. It's totally FREE. Having more links to your site boosts search engine ratings and gets more traffic. So, why not spend a few minu...(more)
  6. John Chamley (252)
    Announcements Forum · 79 Hits · 1/28/2005 1:55 PM
    I posted this under instruction but perhaps announcements is the best place for it. If you teach guitar and want a free directory listing, go to and select the appropriate catogory. Entries are not listed...(more)
  7. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 70 Hits · 1/28/2005 9:05 AM
    Hi folks, I've been adding some catagories to the directory database. If you teach guitar and want to be listed, just go to and select the appropriate catagory, then add your listing wit...(more)
  8. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 57 Hits · 1/26/2005 3:15 PM
    Hi Bianca, Actually my post was just to let anyone know about the link farm page for anyone to share their links. There must be others who frequent this site who can answer your questions better than I. Actually, I must be getting old, or just...(more)
  9. John Chamley (252)
    Announcements Forum · 73 Hits · 1/19/2005 1:45 PM
    I've added a guitar events calendar to my site. If you have any events featuring guitarists of various styles, send me a mail. I've also added a link farm database for video clips. Enjoy, and...(more)
  10. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 125 Hits · 1/19/2005 1:40 PM
    Today I added a guitar videoclip database to my site so that anyone can add links and reviews for all to see. This is intended for streaming videos and the like available on the web. Check it out at The...(more)
  11. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 25 Hits · 1/7/2005 10:48 AM
    Paul, Thanks for your input and thoughts on legal considerations. I initially looked for a company actually doing this in the hopes of renting videos myself. I thought that there might be many other people who would like to do the same thing....(more)
  12. John Chamley (252)
    Instructional Forum · 88 Hits · 1/6/2005 8:16 AM
    There are some great instructional DVDs/videos out there. I am toying with the idea of offering a rental program on Guitar-Lessons.US similar to Netflix or Blockbusters, but specialized in guitar instruction and other music videos. Please answe...(more)
  13. John Chamley (252)
    Open Forum · 87 Hits · 10/21/2004 12:42 PM
    Charlie, Thanks for the advice. When I get a little extra time I'll try to reformat lessons as you suggested. Actually, if you do need a print copy, I have pdf files of lessons in 8 1/2 x 11 format on my site that you can download from the ma...(more)
  14. John Chamley (252)
    Open Forum · 100 Hits · 10/21/2004 12:36 PM
    Thanks for the compliment Jim (Sorry, I'm a bit late responding - just discovered the "inbox" here). I guess the bottom line to how well we can learn the fretboard, is the amount of time that we can spend to make effort doing it. Personally, I...(more)