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  1. Tim Lowe (326)
    Equipment Forum · 125 Hits · 9/20/2003 10:28 PM
    i own a v-amp, but don't use it much. i also own a pod, which sounds better, and since i record (and not just practice) with the unit, i want the best sound i can get. but if you are going to use the v-amp for just puttering and practicing, it d...(more)
  2. Tim Lowe (326)
    Equipment Forum · 126 Hits · 9/20/2003 10:21 PM
    FYI: no matter what you want to sell on ebay, a good gauge for pricing your item is to keyword your item (in the search box), and click completed. that will bring up all finished auctions with realized prices for the last 30 days, related to you...(more)
  3. Tim Lowe (326)
    Equipment Forum · 137 Hits · 9/16/2003 1:02 PM
    hi i own a line6 pod pro. call me crazy, but i bought the pod pro version JUST so i could have it in rackmount form. that aside, i think the pod does a fab job of getting close to the real thing. it doesn't sound as good as a real amp. especiall...(more)
  4. Tim Lowe (326)
    Artists Forum · 152 Hits · 9/14/2003 9:57 PM
    keith moon and corky laing (mountain). if you want to see laing really beat the living tar out his kit, check out ROCK ICONS, GUITAR GODS, from rhino video. mountain does "don't look around" live in the studio. i think it's early '70's. lordy!
  5. Tim Lowe (326)
    Equipment Forum · 136 Hits · 9/14/2003 9:17 PM
    hi speaking from my own experience, i can't recommend an epiphone guitar. i don't want to sound pompous or snotty about it, but my experience was not a happy one. electronics go bad (quickly), slips out of tune easily, bad fret work that result...(more)