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  1. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 58 Hits · 9/30/2003 10:13 PM
    Dr. of my favorites! Try this one: The Drugs they say make us feel so hollow we love in vain narcissic and so shallow the cops and queers to swim you have to swallow hate today there's no Love for tomorrow We're all stars now i...(more)
  2. Laura Poston (243)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 31 Hits · 9/29/2003 3:11 PM
    Thank gawd Robert has his head screwed on straight now!! Even he is sick of the dayum thing!! lp
  3. Laura Poston (243)
    Open Forum · 31 Hits · 9/29/2003 2:09 PM
    My pleasure Dale...just wish i coulda been more help. Maybe somebody round here will "pick up the pieces" for me (pun intended). lp ps What ur doin with the RHCP sounds like a good way to go also!
  4. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 36 Hits · 9/29/2003 2:03 PM
    Hmmmm, now that's kinda scary...someone else around here who is old enough to remember Steppenwolf....peace and love and psychedelic colors! Lets move it on over to the R&B groove...shall we? I'm your mama, I'm your daddy, I'm that ni**a ...(more)
  5. Laura Poston (243)
    Equipment Forum · 37 Hits · 9/29/2003 2:53 AM
    Grrrr lp
  6. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 26 Hits · 9/28/2003 11:28 PM
    You know what they say don't ya? "The first one's free!" lp
  7. Laura Poston (243)
    Equipment Forum · 67 Hits · 9/28/2003 9:39 PM
    As an after thought I wanted to tell you that the one at that site is way to expensive. I think you can find them for about $85-$95 if you really look around more. lp
  8. Laura Poston (243)
    Equipment Forum · 46 Hits · 9/28/2003 9:24 PM
    Here ya go! lp
  9. Laura Poston (243)
    Announcements Forum · 67 Hits · 9/28/2003 9:16 PM
    I'm diggn' the bass in "Its Apri, Fool!" Nice work. Couldn't get the second one to open.... lp
  10. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 41 Hits · 9/28/2003 8:46 PM
    What are you smokin Carl? ;) lp
  11. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 31 Hits · 9/28/2003 12:22 PM
    His name is Harvey (The Snake) Mandel. And he is alive and well and still cranking out the music. He has a web site check him out. Hope this helps! lp
  12. Laura Poston (243)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 152 Hits · 9/28/2003 12:17 PM
    Ahhhhh poor pidgies! lp
  13. Laura Poston (243)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 29 Hits · 9/28/2003 11:56 AM
    Touche' However, I am certain SWTH's genesis had some mind altering drug influence in it. Once one out grows the need for that state of mind one also out grows the song and it's depressing, haunting, repetativness. lp
  14. Laura Poston (243)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 99 Hits · 9/27/2003 2:51 PM
    Meaning schmeaning! All I know is I hate that GD song. Too long, too boring! lp
  15. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 30 Hits · 9/27/2003 12:46 PM
    Oh...and let me not fail to mention Jaco Pastorius who wasn't a guitar player...but a bass player...OMG :o (I'm ducking, the rocks you guitar heads are throwing at me.) Anyway, Jaco was the Hendrix of the bass and wrote astonishing music. He ...(more)
  16. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 29 Hits · 9/27/2003 12:26 PM
    Randy Rhoads of Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osborne. His work on Ozzy's first two solo albums was awesome and I sometimes think Ozzy woulda been shyt outta luck if it hadn't have been for Randy's work on those albums (Bizzard of Oz & Diary of a Madm...(more)
  17. Laura Poston (243)
    Open Forum · 39 Hits · 9/26/2003 11:01 PM
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. But better late than never, huh? Guess i'm living up to my nickname "late Laura!. I'm not really up on the guitar end of the funk scene...if you'd have asked me about bass that would ha...(more)
  18. Laura Poston (243)
    Artists Forum · 30 Hits · 9/26/2003 10:04 PM
    My pleasure!! lp
  19. Laura Poston (243)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 61 Hits · 9/23/2003 2:38 AM
    Yep...ditto on sound click! That is the site of choice for most folks i know. lp
  20. Laura Poston (243)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 41 Hits · 9/23/2003 2:36 AM
    If all this is true then WTF's up with all the hype on dyslexia???? lp