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  1. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Building/Repair Forum · 133 Hits · 10/26/2005 10:08 AM
    That sounds like a good idea. Thanks, Ken
  2. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Building/Repair Forum · 76 Hits · 10/25/2005 3:41 PM
    Ok, but I'm not interested in rebuilding effects, but building my own from scratch. Here's a site with schematics for guitar effects, check it out.
  3. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Building/Repair Forum · 83 Hits · 10/21/2005 5:51 PM
    I'm interested in building my own effect pedals, just for fun. I saw a home-made screamer box once, and I thought the whole idea of building your own pedals was awesome. I've got the soldering knowledge and some schematics off the internet. I ju...(more)
  4. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Equipment Forum · 96 Hits · 2/18/2005 2:46 PM
    You haven't specified what kinds of recordings you want to do, but my recommendation is to get a cheap version of Cubase. The software often comes together with semi-professional soundcards or MIDI keyboards. Cubase SE is a really nice program...(more)
  5. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Artists Forum · 140 Hits · 12/9/2004 5:37 PM
    It's so unbelievable, sad and needless. What's wrong with the world? Hard rock fans all over the world has lost an important role model. My condolences to his close mourners. R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott (1966-2004)
  6. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Instructional Forum · 150 Hits · 2/20/2004 2:12 PM
    That makes a lot of sense, Steve. Thanx! //Alex
  7. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 107 Hits · 1/8/2004 7:27 AM
    Hi again! I got in! I'm so relieved... Next thing to do is to find a place to live and take a loan =) School starts Jan 19, I can't wait! So how's things going for you? //Alex
  8. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 135 Hits · 11/29/2003 8:39 AM
    Hi Aja! My interview was yesterday, and I think I did good =) A ten hour trip from home for 30 mins of interviewing and an hour-long tour of the campus, but it was worth it. It seems to be a nice school, and the studio is available 24-7! I c...(more)
  9. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Artists Forum · 135 Hits · 11/25/2003 8:13 AM
    I have no idea... they are all fast... but take a listen to Stratovarius instrumental song called "Stratofortress".. gee, that's speed!
  10. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Artists Forum · 178 Hits · 11/22/2003 12:51 PM
  11. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Artists Forum · 133 Hits · 11/22/2003 12:50 PM
    I'm trying to figure that out too... I know it's the member's "own" symbols; the feather is Robert Plant's, "Zoso" is Jimmy Page's, the three circles is for John Bonham and the fourth symbol is John Paul Jones'. I have no idea what they mean, ...(more)
  12. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Artists Forum · 148 Hits · 11/22/2003 12:11 PM
    My top 5 solos: 1) Metallica's "The Unforgiven" 2) Pantera's "The Sleep" 3) Scorpion's "Wind of Change" 4) Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" 5) Megadeth's "A Tout le Monde" And who can't deny Cliff Burton's bass solo in Metallica's "Orio...(more)
  13. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Artists Forum · 115 Hits · 11/22/2003 9:02 AM
    Who do you think would win a speed contest between Stratovarius' & Symphony X's guitarists, Yngwie and Paul Gilbert?
  14. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Instructional Forum · 102 Hits · 11/19/2003 1:49 PM
    Maybe he switches between the two scales? I think you're right on target, pal. Thanx! //Alex
  15. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Instructional Forum · 91 Hits · 11/19/2003 1:48 PM
    Yeah, that could be it, but as far as I know he adds a lot of tones to the A minor scale. I think Malcolm Howley has a point in his post. Thanx anyway.
  16. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Instructional Forum · 43 Hits · 11/19/2003 1:44 PM
    You mean he leaves out the F? ;)
  17. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Instructional Forum · 39 Hits · 11/19/2003 11:10 AM
    Yep, but I'd still like to know the name of the scale. It would help a lot. Alex
  18. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Instructional Forum · 233 Hits · 11/19/2003 8:58 AM
    I've been frantic trying to figure out what scales Santana is using to get his special "sound", and the song "Smooth" in particular. The song goes in Am, F, E mainly, and the pentatonic minor isn't right, neither is the gypsy scale or "spanish...(more)
  19. Alexander Alasj (407)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 49 Hits · 11/17/2003 6:48 AM
    Same here, Angela. Sometimes my motivation is really low and I don't touch my guitar for a week, and then I just pick it up and start improvising, and it's a great feeling when the motivation for playing fills up again. As you said, it's a rol...(more)
  20. Alexander Alasj (407)
    WholeNote Forum · 46 Hits · 11/6/2003 4:04 PM
    Yeah, I wonder what the number would be if we filtered out all the inactive people...