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  1. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 28 Hits · 7/8/2003 2:31 PM
    A Metallica virgin, damn, I didn't think there were any left. LOL I think Metallicas' best playing can be found on these cds. Kill em all Ride the lightning Master of Puppets And Justice for all There are also some really cool "B-Side" releases ...(more)
  2. Don Brozz (271)
    Instructional Forum · 28 Hits · 7/7/2003 5:05 PM
    I think the Lynch vids are excellent. They can be had for free (as well as many other instructional videos) through any one of the popular file sharing proggies out there (ex. Kazaa, Morpheus etc.)
  3. Don Brozz (271)
    Equipment Forum · 30 Hits · 7/6/2003 7:44 PM
    Ooops, something I need to correct. The original 2203 amps didn't have an effects loop, but, the "reissue" 2203, I think it's called the Vintage Series now, does in fact have a built in effects loop.
  4. Don Brozz (271)
    Equipment Forum · 41 Hits · 7/6/2003 7:39 PM
    Of the amps you mentioned, I own only one, the Marshall JCM800 2203. This is a no frills 100 watt single channel amp and has controls for Volume (Preamp) Master Volume, Low, Mid, Treble and Presence. No effeects loop or reverb. The amp is POWER...(more)
  5. Don Brozz (271)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 7/6/2003 7:30 PM
    Hughes and Kettner is a very good (and under rated) amp, and a Celestion speaker is (in my opinion) a must have for any amp.
  6. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 42 Hits · 7/4/2003 11:31 AM
    I never really liked Quirk Hampster, in my opinion, he was simply another Randy Rhoads wannabe. I think Mustaine definitly gets the last laugh on Metallica, sure, Metallica booted him in the beginning, but, Megadeth will go down in history as on...(more)
  7. Don Brozz (271)
    Equipment Forum · 25 Hits · 7/2/2003 5:43 PM
    Yea, and another cool thing about the unit is it has an effects loop with a level control, so you can put pedals or other rack gear into the MP-1s effects loop and then run from the MP-1 to your mixer/recorder. You can find good deals on MP-1s o...(more)
  8. Don Brozz (271)
    Instructional Forum · 38 Hits · 7/2/2003 3:17 PM
    Thank you Chris and Antonio, I'm going to get started trying everything you guys mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to write. Brozz
  9. Don Brozz (271)
    Equipment Forum · 40 Hits · 7/2/2003 11:38 AM
    Hey Sean, I am a huge fan of tube preamps, no matter what kind of music you play, I think tubes just sound better than solid state. So, as you can imagine, I hate distortion pedals, I have never heard one that sounded good, well, except for the ...(more)
  10. Don Brozz (271)
    Instructional Forum · 76 Hits · 7/2/2003 9:26 AM
    Hello wholenoters! I've been playing guitar for more than a few years, but I'm very new to recording with my pc. So, here's where I need to ask for some help. When I record my guitar, the sound that comes out of the pc speakers is pretty decent...(more)
  11. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 24 Hits · 6/27/2003 10:10 AM
    An amazing riff with just 4 power chords? Hmmm, let's see ... I taught my ten year old nephew to play power chords in about an hour ... after about two hours he could put four of them together ... what's so amazing about that? Nirvana were a jo...(more)
  12. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 18 Hits · 6/27/2003 10:02 AM
    I couldn't agree with you more ... for the first few years I played I had the "play like Mike" syndrom and it hurt my playing, badly. After I learned to start being myself, my playing improved drastically. I think alot of new players fall into t...(more)
  13. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 30 Hits · 6/26/2003 6:38 PM
    I didn't mean to play just like them, I meant to be able to play at their skill level.
  14. Don Brozz (271)
    Equipment Forum · 21 Hits · 6/24/2003 11:53 PM
    In my opinion, you should avoid Marshall at all costs ... they are inferior in quality and tone. But, just because I dislike Marshall doesn't mean you will. The choice is yours, let your ears decide ... take your guitar to a few music stores an...(more)
  15. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 64 Hits · 6/24/2003 11:13 PM
    Oh yea .... VanHalen was a hacker, Rhoads was a craftsman ... and Malmsteen is a complete was of CD space.
  16. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 28 Hits · 6/24/2003 11:10 PM
    Both Clapton and SRV influenced alot of players, but to be honest, I think SRV was a better blues player than Clapton, but I think Clapton is more accomplished/versitile as a musician ... and his legacy speaks for itself. Either way, I'd give a...(more)
  17. Don Brozz (271)
    Open Forum · 49 Hits · 6/21/2003 5:57 PM
    I haven't tried this tab, so I can't say if it's accurate ... I hope this is what you were looking for.
  18. Don Brozz (271)
    Instructional Forum · 54 Hits · 6/17/2003 1:18 PM
    Hi John. The "pent" comes from the Greek word for five, the "tonic" in pentatonic is kinda misleading, here's why. A tonic note is simply another name for root note, and because the root note is the note the scale is based on, obviously, there c...(more)
  19. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 29 Hits · 6/16/2003 3:12 PM
    Pat Eugene hit it right .... Bob Rock has softened the Metallica sound to make it more "mainstream", but, he's done that to every band he's ever worked with. Even so, the guys in Metallica aren't blameless, but I think they lost direction when t...(more)
  20. Don Brozz (271)
    Artists Forum · 48 Hits · 6/16/2003 11:21 AM
    True or False ... hmmm ... that's basically an "apples to oranges" comparison. Both players are amazing, but their styles are very different, so a head to head comparison on who's better wouldn't be fair to either of them. Although, in my opinio...(more)