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  1. Angus Bryans (198)
    Artists Forum · 75 Hits · 4/14/2000 6:48 PM
    Pop (paup)n. lack of musical knowledge,lack of new musical ideas,lack of musical talent,lack of theory,lack of technique,showmanship before music, looks before music,computers make the music,for popularity and money,etc. Pop is becoming based t...(more)
  2. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 95 Hits · 3/30/2000 9:46 PM
    No.there are no vocals except...HIS GUITAR!!!. On his new CD he uses more technology for example on the 1st,2nd and for a lot off them he uses a lot of techno and electronic sounds. Track 5 kicks a$$ and track 4 is very nice .I am learning it r...(more)
  3. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 266 Hits · 3/30/2000 12:12 AM
    Hello I have not posted for awhile but i have an interesting story.Today while at school one person in my class insults me for listening to classical music and also tells me very confidently that it sucks and that I should listen to new and bett...(more)
  4. Angus Bryans (198)
    Equipment Forum · 107 Hits · 12/29/1999 4:56 PM
    hey I tried one and hear is my rating.,. playability=amazing sound=amazing looks=amazing very cool shape if i had the money i would be playing one right now.
  5. Angus Bryans (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 89 Hits · 12/12/1999 8:57 PM
    you are absolutely correct. Alot of good guitarists should have played there. Where was joe satriani .he came out with a new cd this year.Yngwie is loud and aggressive, he wasn't there.buddy guy? I guess good guitar playing is going down the dra...(more)
  6. Angus Bryans (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 123 Hits · 12/11/1999 7:24 PM
    I saw woodstock on tv also.I don't think all the swearing enhanced the music one bit.As soon as I heard 2 seconds of limpbizkit I turned it off.Alot of guitarists could out-play the guitarists at woodstock.merry christmass
  7. Angus Bryans (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 80 Hits · 12/9/1999 8:31 PM
    I wish more people were open minded. One of my friends still think offspring is much more to listen to then classical music and are better guitarist then vai or stevie ray vaughn.
  8. Angus Bryans (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 137 Hits · 12/9/1999 8:23 PM
    Oh by the way mozart kicks A$$ I wish I could improvise like a jazz guitarist or pianist for that matter
  9. Angus Bryans (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 97 Hits · 12/9/1999 8:14 PM
    Hey man don't put down jazz!just because you don't like it doesn't mean it sucks. It's personal preferance. Alot of improvisation and expresiveness in jazz. respect jazz man.It takes creativity feel to play jazz(not that there is none in other ...(more)
  10. Angus Bryans (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 184 Hits · 11/24/1999 6:59 PM
    Does anyone know anything about pitch axis theory? I have heard about it ,but don't know what it is. have a good day!
  11. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 72 Hits · 11/17/1999 12:20 AM
    I'm going to my first steve vai concert.
  12. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 42 Hits · 11/17/1999 12:18 AM
    Hey man, Here are some cool scales to check out. -harmonic minor -phrygian#3 or something like that. -whole tone scale -a scale made entirely of fifths or thirds or maybe even 7ths.If any body tries that tell me how it sounds! -play a C major ch...(more)
  13. Angus Bryans (198)
    Theory Forum · 77 Hits · 11/11/1999 10:17 PM
    Hello,Any classical guitarists out there.If so could you inform me on proper right hand technique.Do you rest hand on bridge,body,leave it in the air etc.
  14. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 78 Hits · 10/9/1999 11:26 PM
    Whoever did the lesson on minor bop runs,thanks,I thought those were pretty cool.Could anyone make more lessons like that ,such as lessons on creating jazz licks like those or maybe beginner jazz lessons.
  15. Angus Bryans (198)
    Equipment Forum · 77 Hits · 9/19/1999 12:36 AM
    Hello,I will be getting a new guitar.I play Heavy metal,Blues and rock.I,m looking for one under $1000 with quality materials,good tone,sustain, hot pickups,a tremolo(I do lots of dives),big frets and good playability.Does anybody have any sujes...(more)
  16. Angus Bryans (198)
    Open Forum · 78 Hits · 9/13/1999 4:57 PM
    Hi, I am thinking about getting a new guitar.Could anyone inform me on the EVH Wolfgang special and JS series guitars such as info on tone,sounds,playability,quality,and best value for the money.Thank you. have a good day.
  17. Angus Bryans (198)
    Open Forum · 272 Hits · 9/13/1999 4:45 PM
    Greetings, this may not exactly go under the lessons catagory but I'd like it alot if post up some randy rhoads licks and maybe show some satriani licks and some exercises and thoughts on developing amazing legato like his.Also If it's no troubl...(more)
  18. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 154 Hits · 9/11/1999 11:36 PM
    What is circular picking and how is it done.
  19. Angus Bryans (198)
    Instructional Forum · 145 Hits · 9/10/1999 2:05 AM
    Hello ,I do not know if I should pick with my pick on an angle to the strings or if I should pick with my pick parallel to the strings.Which way is correct when picking fast and practicing and increasing my speed.Which way is smoother or more ...(more)