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  1. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 26 Hits · 4/27/2007 5:15 AM
    Thanks for that great how-to speaker buying guide, Robert! I really appreciated it. Do you have any experience with Neodymium magnets? I noticed Celestion puts these in some of their speakers. Any experience with that company or Emminence (t...(more)
  2. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 54 Hits · 4/26/2007 8:10 PM
    I have a Fender Princeton 65DSP that has one 10" speaker that I'm looking to replace. It's a 65W amp, I'm not sure about anything else about the current speaker, but I was wondering what to look for in a new speaker. Does it make a difference ...(more)
  3. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 44 Hits · 11/6/2006 2:09 AM
    I'm looking to invest in a new overdrive, and I'm very interested in getting a TS808. I've heard that, hence the name, these things are most effective in driving tubes; but I'm playing out of a Fender Princeton. Anybody with experience/advice ...(more)
  4. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 20 Hits · 8/11/2006 7:49 PM
    Maybe someone spilled something all over it when you weren't around...? It's always a good idea to keep guitars cased, no matter if they're a warm up or your stage guitar. As far as a new Floyd Rose, those things are pretty pricey in general; ...(more)
  5. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 38 Hits · 8/11/2006 7:36 PM
    I think the Warmoth bodies do come pre-routed, though I'm pretty sure they can be custom routed (or not pre-routed at all). Ideally I'd want to see about putting on a Bigsby bridge, though I could settle for a Tune-O-Matic. Thanks for the tip ...(more)
  6. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 64 Hits · 8/11/2006 4:29 PM
    I'm exploring the possibility of building myself a guitar from the ground up. I was thinking of getting a hollow strat body with f-holes from Warmoth (or possibly a thinline Tele body), but the thing is, I'm not a fan of Fender necks. Mostly I...(more)
  7. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 26 Hits · 3/4/2006 4:29 PM
    So I'm playing off of a Fender Princeton 65DSP, and I recently got the clean/dirty channel footswitch for it. The thing that ticks me off (that I didn't realize before) is that I can't use any of the onboard effects on the amp with the footswit...(more)
  8. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 29 Hits · 10/28/2005 9:43 AM
    Hi Andy, thanks for the advice on how and when to use a noise gate, it's much appreciated. I think I'll take your advice and try to minimize sound in other areas first, as dishing out the money for a noise gate isn't really that appealing to me...(more)
  9. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 18 Hits · 10/28/2005 9:40 AM
    I have tried taking out the CS3, and you're right that it does hum quite a bit. Not so much as my DS1 (which I tend to stomp off harshly during quite parts, because of how annoying it gets).
  10. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 51 Hits · 10/28/2005 9:34 AM
    Thanks for all your input on this, everyone. I really didn't know about the dynamics of undergoing something like closing the back of a cabinet. Thanks!
  11. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Building/Repair Forum · 77 Hits · 10/24/2005 9:18 PM
    I've heard a little about people preferring closed-back combo amps and cabs. Would closing the back of my Princeton 65DSP do anything for the sound I get out of it? Has anyone done this with a combo before? Also, what kinds of materials would...(more)
  12. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 19 Hits · 10/24/2005 9:13 PM
    Hi Jamie. This is all very dependant on the style of music you plan to play (also your role, if you're in a band [i.e. lead, rhythm...]). A fairly cheap, versatile, and actually pretty nice sounding amp is the Roland Microcube. If you want so...(more)
  13. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 20 Hits · 10/24/2005 9:00 PM
    Thanks for the detailed response. In your experience with noise gates, have you found them to be valuable at all? Are they worth the money, or would it be wiser to put that money to better use?
  14. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 44 Hits · 10/14/2005 3:48 PM
    haha... all I can say is "wow."
  15. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 72 Hits · 10/14/2005 3:36 PM
    I play an Epiphone Dot (semi-hollow, ES335 style) on a setup with a Princeton 65 DSP, CS-3, DS-1, and a Danelectro Cool Cat, so you can imagine that I get a lot of hum when I turn it a little dirtier. I was wondering what peoples' thoughts were...(more)
  16. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 36 Hits · 10/13/2005 4:43 PM
    It's definitely possible to put good pickups in a guitar that isn't of the best quality. I don't know much about the Gretsch you're talking about, but the point is that it's doable. I have to warn you though, if you want to be serious about it...(more)
  17. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 31 Hits · 8/26/2005 12:46 PM
    I agree with David; the best way to figure out what kind of guitar you want is to have it in your hands and play it. You're going to want to consider the feel of the neck, the fretboard, the weight of the guitar, and most definitely if the guit...(more)
  18. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 23 Hits · 8/8/2005 4:33 PM
    hah, "y" cable... I think the other input is for your dog to plug in his bass ;) Actually a lot of amps are like this though, and I think it's just for the capability of having a buddy plug in with you when you're just jamming together. Not a...(more)
  19. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 33 Hits · 8/8/2005 4:29 PM
    I'm no expert on pickups, but I'm not sure how true this is. Since pickups work on magnetics and not microphones, I don't think the EMG pickup covers would affect the sound (at least not drastically). While some people prefer to have tin or go...(more)
  20. Kent Minagawa (387)
    Equipment Forum · 33 Hits · 8/8/2005 4:26 PM
    The sound you get from a talkbox is pretty much a more versatile, more physically controlled (with your mouth, anyway) wah sound. While some pedal manufacturers do produce bass wah, it's definitely not as sweet sounding as the wah you get from ...(more)