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  1. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Theory Forum · 75 Hits · 4/24/2007 2:12 AM
    The same message was passed historically on 50 years ago with the same quandary and contridiction by the then current pop and other music existing at that time. I think even some rag time may have used it and that would go even further back in ...(more)
  2. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 28 Hits · 4/24/2007 2:05 AM
    Use of dual identity chords sometime confuse others. B7b5 = F7b5 because they have the same pitches but get spelled enharmonically differently. Although the progression might be B7b5 to Bb7b5 to A7b5 or it could be Eb7b5 to D7b5 to Db7b5 or i...(more)
  3. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 25 Hits · 4/24/2007 1:54 AM
    Sorry, but if you think you have explained something you didn't because despite the numbers you used didnot give any reference as to what the numbers meant.<br /><br /> Was the first number the lowest finger, fret, or string? You may have stuff...(more)
  4. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 13 Hits · 4/18/2007 12:02 AM
    Once you learn basic scales shape, using the open position, the next step is to use a shapes that a scale takes. Then the process is to move that one scale fingering all over the neck of the guitar. When doing that, learn the name of the scale. ...(more)
  5. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 52 Hits · 4/17/2007 11:10 PM
    Sometimes mentally thinking through the process of what your going to do shortens the time for actually achieving that goal.<br /><br />Charlie
  6. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 125 Hits · 4/17/2007 2:05 AM
    Dear Obee,<br /><br />I wrote a long response and then pushed the wrong button. In short one needs to be connected to playing music during the time off from the guitar, plus writing music. The coordination remains there for the guitar, provided ...(more)
  7. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 27 Hits · 4/16/2007 4:11 PM
    If you do take a break for a long time, keep thinking of what you will do next. Visualize and think sound and where it is located on your instrument. Play the same thing in diffrent octaves.<br /><br />If you have trained your hands correctl...(more)
  8. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 36 Hits · 4/15/2007 9:54 PM
    When entering the 1st Grade the children are enrolled according to when they were born. Probably 6yrs old. That would make the 5th graders about 10 - 11 yrs old.<br /><br />When my father came to the USA kids had to repeat the grade they were ...(more)
  9. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 16 Hits · 4/15/2007 1:18 AM
    If your satisfied with the sound, and others think so, then your probably doing very well.<br /><br />Charlie
  10. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 21 Hits · 4/15/2007 1:13 AM
    There is one problem here. The newspaper has a purpose to sell newspapers. The validity of their survey is in doubt because a lot of the questions presented are asked of 7th graders. When children are passed on to the 5th grade, they are still 4...(more)
  11. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 12 Hits · 4/14/2007 3:41 AM
    Now slip them into the keys your in, or use for the chord your working with, as the chord or the pattern for melodic usage. It is wide open for the performer that hears the sounds.<br /><br />Charlie
  12. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 14 Hits · 4/14/2007 3:37 AM
    cho|x|x|0|0|1|1|cho cho|x|x|2|2|3|3|cho cho|x|x|3|4|5|5|cho cho|x|x|5|5|6|7|cho cho|x|x|7|7|8|8|cho cho|x|x|8|8|10|10|cho
  13. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 12 Hits · 4/14/2007 3:34 AM
    Higher functions are used in jazz and other forms of music. b9, #9, 11, #11, 13, chromatics used freely and they move into one of the harmonic notes. It could go like this E, Eb, D, C#, B, C or the other direction F, F#, G, A, Ab., or straight...(more)
  14. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 26 Hits · 4/14/2007 3:11 AM
    My prior post supports your thought on bends. Individual interpretation by the artist or performer is the key.<br /><br />Charlie
  15. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 13 Hits · 4/14/2007 3:07 AM
    I just posed the question as I did not understand what he wrote. No, I have not seen the video. I still stand by what I wrote. I was not gruff or demeaning. I asked a real question without any if, ands, or buts. No ulterior motives should have ...(more)
  16. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 20 Hits · 4/13/2007 3:24 AM
    What do you mean by "whole double stops"???? Double stop = two notes played at the same time. Whole might mean a whole note. Explain what you wrote. For me those three words leave a lot of unstated thoughts.<br /><br />Charlie
  17. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 13 Hits · 4/13/2007 3:17 AM
    Nope. I usually go the opposite direction but it could be up. I treat the bending as if it were four different sounds. * = the pressure for bending. D. D*, D**, D***, D**** and then I play the note E. This is an example of what I might do. Thi...(more)
  18. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 15 Hits · 4/9/2007 11:21 PM
    It is a googleplex. Time is spent better on something else. Sort of asking how many notes might be contained in a measure, or how many variations of the note G might be used before one gets to G# or Gb, and that doesn't take in consideration of ...(more)
  19. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Announcements Forum · 24 Hits · 4/9/2007 12:31 AM
    Dear Obee,<br /><br />The music for the most part was blues, with only a smigin of county in the music. The couple dancin' did their two step. The others were just doin' their own thing... no particular dance step.<br /><br />Thats my analaysis<...(more)
  20. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Announcements Forum · 12 Hits · 4/7/2007 11:10 PM
    I saw one of the couples doin" their two step and the others were doing the "boogie" separate movements.. apart and yet together. The main idea for dancers is to have fun and enjoy the body movement. The sound recording on my end was breaking u...(more)