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  1. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 26 Hits · 5/31/2007 4:23 PM
    cho|5|x|5|7|5|x|A7 sus4|cho cho|5|x|5|6|5|x|A7 |cho cr| cho|5|x|5|7|5|x|Am7 sus4|cho cho|5|x|5|5|5|x|Am7 |cho cho|5|x|5|5|4|x|Am7 b5|cho cho|5|x|5|5|3|x|Am7sus4 |cho cho|5|x|5|5|3|x|D7sus4 |cho|<br /><br />|cr|The name of the chord with the susp...(more)
  2. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 56 Hits · 5/30/2007 5:10 PM
    This came from Discover Magazine.<br /><br />There is vastly more nothing than something. Roughly 74% of the universed is "nothing" or what physcicists call dark energy: 22% is dark mater, particles we cannot see. Only 4% is baryonic matter, th...(more)
  3. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 55 Hits · 5/30/2007 4:59 PM
    Star Trek Fest, Riverside, Iowa. "the official birthplace of James T. Kirk" in the year 2233, And home of the Captain Kirk Museum. Sadly, in 33 years of fests, William Shatner has never made an official apperarance.... according to 2007 June iss...(more)
  4. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 62 Hits · 5/30/2007 4:55 PM
    You might get lucky. Wait a week or so and if no response, then go buy the same items again and be careful where you put things. I have an excuse as I am 80 and do forget.. Don't get upset. I once asked a high school class if they ever went from...(more)
  5. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 17 Hits · 5/30/2007 4:50 PM
    Dear Craig<br /><br />D11 = D, F#, A, C, E, G vs Am7 = A, C, E, G<br /><br />Moving back and forth between the A and D... Your hearing the root and the 5th. Where as Am7 has the A is the root and E is the 5th.<br /><br />It makes sense harmonica...(more)
  6. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 18 Hits · 5/30/2007 1:13 AM
    #11 vs b5. Once clue might be seeing the #1 and the 5th existing at the same time in the chord. In harmonic support .... the upper tones need the lower functions. For the 9th, support comes from the 3rd and the 7th being the underlying tones. 13...(more)
  7. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 20 Hits · 5/21/2007 12:08 AM
    Dear Andy,<br /><br />Teaching is a skill all by itself. If your teaching because you love that part, then your on the right track. Working at that which you love and enjoy.<br /><br /> Working at a job you hate is a form of hell. Big difference...(more)
  8. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 73 Hits · 5/19/2007 10:48 PM
    If your going to teach music in any capacity you have to size up the student quickly. Give them direction. <br /><br />Orientate the student to the instrument. Which way is up or down in relation to the sound coming from the instrument. How to ...(more)
  9. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Theory Forum · 31 Hits · 5/17/2007 6:11 PM
    For me, it is not how much change in pitch a bend makes but rather to be able to make small changes like 1/10 of a semitone at a time, especially with the blues to be making blues sounds. How many different sounds can be made between the 7th and...(more)
  10. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 5/17/2007 12:11 AM
    Thanks Craig,<br /><br />There is a cover for the rear stop light that was not put on. Mirror that was not moving when I pushed the button. License plate holder to be put and mounted on the front bumper. That sort of stuff. The shop did the body...(more)
  11. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 23 Hits · 5/17/2007 12:01 AM
    Sorry, I forgot to include his full name. George M. Smith. Studio musician who worked on many films and also taught the guitar to many. Very skilled and intelligent person and guitarist.<br /><br />Charlie
  12. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 14 Hits · 5/16/2007 1:15 AM
    Dear Kyle,<br /><br />No offense to anyone, including you. However, if you looked very close you and others from time to time have re arranged the order of the letters in my last name.<br /><br />That is common and I don't take issue with honest...(more)
  13. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 12 Hits · 5/15/2007 12:15 AM
    Dear James,<br /><br />Fortune smiled on me when I went to the conservatory in Los Angeles and was able to study with several teachers. The first was Bud Coleman. He wrote Tijuana Taxi. Bud worked for George by teaching them some of the bas...(more)
  14. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 32 Hits · 5/15/2007 12:06 AM
    Dear Robert,<br /><br />It is my hope that gradually as some of the "cave message" authors will elevate themselves above what exists now. In time many may become more literate in their writings. Profanity gets nothing except to past an image t...(more)
  15. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 15 Hits · 5/13/2007 1:09 AM
    I think the most important part is playing something you as the main person enjoy and are satisfied for a couple of seconds or so the first time it happens. If I can get 4 or 5 measures i play that satisfies me, I feel good. The rest of the note...(more)
  16. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 16 Hits · 5/13/2007 1:04 AM
    Dear James,<br /><br />In replying to me, you have cleared your head in your thinking for yourself. In essence you are teaching, or coaching yourself. So when you have a problem, one method is to write down your problem. Read it and do some sel...(more)
  17. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 19 Hits · 5/12/2007 1:39 AM
    It sounds that way because of what we normally call a flat 7 in a key where that does not occur. In the key of B the vii scale degree, A, is A# in that key. Use of the A natural would be the flat 7. The note A is part of the structure of the D m...(more)
  18. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    WholeNote Forum · 21 Hits · 5/12/2007 1:26 AM
    As we check the messages we become more aware of human behavior. It really hasn't changed. However, if we want it better then we each can contribute messages that have a mutual benefit in some small way. Without knocking anyone, just do it and ...(more)
  19. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Instructional Forum · 17 Hits · 5/11/2007 10:16 PM
    Why not just take the F chord, Bb, and C7 shapes in the 1st position and move all to the 5th position? That way you would be able to handle the keys from F (1st) to F(13th) with all the other keys in between.<br /><br />Charlie
  20. Charles Gacsi (42523)
    Open Forum · 21 Hits · 5/11/2007 10:08 PM
    Why fill a page with ///////////? 3.17ect. Water freezes faster if it was hot when put in the freezer as the oxygen content is reduced.