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  1. Michael Sawley (577)
    Artists Forum · 129 Hits · 12/17/2000 8:46 AM
    I've got a pretty good version - with Power Tab Score for download which has the real sheet music with MIDI playback head to <a href=""></a> <a href="ht...(more)
  2. Michael Sawley (577)
    Building/Repair Forum · 97 Hits · 10/31/2000 1:58 PM
    I think what you're looking for is the Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewine. It's a collection of his articles from Guitar Player (I wrote a review of it in the resources somewhere). Have a look at <a href=""><b>Ste...(more)
  3. Michael Sawley (577)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 99 Hits · 10/20/2000 4:05 PM
    But Dick we don't want the septics to get into football cause their TV companies with all their money would take over change rules (can you imagine them using the offside rule) and wreck it to fit in with adverts etc. At least the football world...(more)
  4. Michael Sawley (577)
    Open Forum · 99 Hits · 10/3/2000 2:31 PM
    SPLITTER!! <a href="">Peoples Front Of Judeah</a>
  5. Michael Sawley (577)
    Artists Forum · 150 Hits · 10/3/2000 2:29 PM
    I would suggest trying the E minor pentatonic or blues scale <a href="">Mike</a>
  6. Michael Sawley (577)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 85 Hits · 9/20/2000 2:14 PM
    Thought Kids In The Hall were Kanucks not Septics
  7. Michael Sawley (577)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 92 Hits · 9/20/2000 2:08 PM
    Yup those are the banal insipid lyrics from Travis(ty) And a sad inclusion in the history of British music
  8. Michael Sawley (577)
    Instructional Forum · 101 Hits · 9/7/2000 3:03 PM
    If your using Winamp the Chronotron plugin can slow down MP3s without changing the pitch of the track <a href="">Chronotron at</a> and MP3 splitter can cut down MP3s to spe...(more)
  9. Michael Sawley (577)
    Instructional Forum · 121 Hits · 9/2/2000 3:46 PM
    try <a href="">Mike's Guitar Site</a> has both the standard ASCII (OLGA type) tab and Power Tab score which is sheet music style standard and tab notation with MIDI playback (the PowerTab player/editor is free) <...(more)
  10. Michael Sawley (577)
    Artists Forum · 171 Hits · 8/22/2000 2:11 PM
    Don Nix wrote Going Down and it originally featured on the Freddie King album <a href="">Getting Ready (Shelter Records 1971)</a> <a href="">Mi...(more)
  11. Michael Sawley (577)
    Open Forum · 43 Hits · 8/18/2000 2:12 PM
    If your coming from a rock guitar background then try these to start The 3 Kings B.B. , Albert and Freddie Buddy Guy Otis Rush Stevie Ray Vaughan Jonhn Mayalls Bluesbreakers - with Peter Green or Eric Clapton Early Peter Green Fleetwood Mac Or ...(more)
  12. Michael Sawley (577)
    Equipment Forum · 79 Hits · 8/18/2000 2:07 PM
    Another shop another shop assistant talking crap try the Trembucker version of the JB model no. TB-4 has pole spacing for Fender string spacing <a href="">Mike</a>
  13. Michael Sawley (577)
    Equipment Forum · 40 Hits · 8/17/2000 2:58 PM
    As a user of EMGs I'd say they are pretty good with most styles and are used by many artists covered by the styles you mentioned Buddy Guy - blues Metallica - metal Dave Gilmour - clean, overdriven Mark Knopfler - clean Steve Lukather - everythi...(more)
  14. Michael Sawley (577)
    Equipment Forum · 71 Hits · 8/17/2000 2:43 PM
    probably means the string is locked at both ends - the locking nut and locked into the bridge instead of threaded through <a href="">Mike</a>
  15. Michael Sawley (577)
    Artists Forum · 43 Hits · 8/4/2000 2:26 PM
    B.B. King - The Thrill Has Gone Otis Rush - All Your Love (I Miss Loving) Otis Rush - Double Trouble Freddie King - Hideaway Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign <a href="">Mike</a>
  16. Michael Sawley (577)
    Equipment Forum · 53 Hits · 7/27/2000 3:35 PM
    for pickguards and knobs try<br /><br /><a href="">Allparts</a> <a href="">WD</a> <a href="">Warmoth</a> <a href="">Parts is Parts</a> <a href=...(more)
  17. Michael Sawley (577)
    Artists Forum · 91 Hits · 7/17/2000 3:15 PM
    Head over to the <a href="">Penguin</a> where you'll find info on most of the Macs ex-guitarists including - Jeremy Spencer, Danny Kirwan, Bob Welch, Bob Weston, Dave Walker <a href="http://www.mikesguitarsit...(more)
  18. Michael Sawley (577)
    Open Forum · 91 Hits · 7/16/2000 9:52 AM
    ACES HIGH (from the POWERSLAVE album) <a href="">Mike</a>
  19. Michael Sawley (577)
    Artists Forum · 89 Hits · 7/11/2000 2:49 PM
    B.B. King - Live At The Regal Van Halen - Van Halen Metallica - Master Of Puppets Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here &amp; Dark Side Of The Moon John Mayall &amp; The Bluesbreakers (with Peter Green) - A Hard Road Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland ...(more)
  20. Michael Sawley (577)
    Equipment Forum · 78 Hits · 7/11/2000 2:40 PM
    If your able to practice near a computer with CD-ROM then you could rip tracks to MP3 (using <a href=""> Audiograbber</a>) then use <a href=""> MP3 Splitter</a> to isolate the part of t...(more)