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  1. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Instructional Forum · 133 Hits · 5/7/2000 7:40 PM
    Can anyone recommend an acoustic song for one of my students to perform? He has been playing for about 3yrs, it needs to be solo guitar with one vocalist. Thanks.
  2. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    WholeNote Forum · 129 Hits · 4/12/2000 8:56 PM
    After having just looked around -in particular the discussion forum- it has made me realise (again) how good thus site is. Every posting I read was just people arguing over childish issues, and "who is cooler.." is such a waste. ...(more)
  3. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Instructional Forum · 141 Hits · 12/6/1999 8:14 AM
    Does anyone have any tips for creating walking bass lines? All I've heard is: play chord tones on beat 1& 3 and passing notes in between, but this ends up sounding like what it exercise! Thanks Jason.
  4. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Artists Forum · 96 Hits · 10/20/1999 3:01 AM
    Has anyone heard "Another Lifetime" by Simon Phillips? I am curious about the harmony used (very cool)and the origin of the melody lines (also very cool).
  5. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Theory Forum · 132 Hits · 9/16/1999 8:28 PM
    Anyone got any tips on writing jazz tunes without using the ii-V-1? Modal tunes work well this way, but I need some more concepts.... Thanks.
  6. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 348 Hits · 9/3/1999 7:36 AM
    Chuck, I believe that the soul necessitates self-awareness. When humans developed this ability they also developed the ability to know right from wrong, good from evil etc. As a result humans are now responsible for their actions. That is the ...(more)
  7. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 61 Hits · 8/31/1999 12:19 AM
    Creationists are people trying to discover God, but in my opinion they are making an issue of something that really is not that important. This is not an excuse to dismiss the Bible. I most definately am not a creationist, but I do accept the Bi...(more)
  8. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 58 Hits · 8/30/1999 12:43 AM
    Why is there an argument? The creation account never was written as a scientific report. It has only been read like that since The Enlightenment. Genesis was composed as a "why" account of life, science doesn't -and can not- ask this. Scienc...(more)
  9. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Artists Forum · 72 Hits · 8/26/1999 12:45 AM
    Steven, I'm the same, each time I watch the video I get something new. The track 'Emotions wound us so' is the most amazing song I've ever heard. The live video your talking about, its not the one that apparently has just been released in Japan ...(more)
  10. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Artists Forum · 75 Hits · 8/24/1999 11:50 PM
    Mark, Larrys' stuff with the crusaders is cool, though a little hard to find- I was wasn't even born then. I'm really into his early 70's solo stuff & his work with Joni Mitchell. His acoustic album 'Alone but never Alone' is a masterpiece. ...(more)
  11. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Artists Forum · 35 Hits · 8/24/1999 11:17 PM
    Steven, I've got the 1st Larry Carlton Hot Licks video. With the footage shot at the Baked potatoe (released as Last Night) whats the second video like, what year was it filmed? Have you seen him live?
  12. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Artists Forum · 138 Hits · 8/24/1999 10:08 AM
    Does anyone here dig Larry Carlton? He has to be one of the most gifted musicians around. He has nothing to prove. No pretence, no flashy shallow shredding, just music straight from his soul. I'd like to find some net sites dedicated to him. T...(more)
  13. JASON D.D.R. (43)
    Artists Forum · 42 Hits · 8/21/1999 5:54 AM
    Dream Theater: A Change of Seasons Mark Whitfield: True Blue Star Wars: Ep.1 Soundtrak Larry Carlton: The Gift Kanas: Leftoverture