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  1. Justin Harding (1760)
    Equipment Forum · 48 Hits · 7/10/2005 5:03 PM
    I agree, posting pictures add life to the site.
  2. Justin Harding (1760)
    Equipment Forum · 73 Hits · 7/10/2005 11:40 AM
    < img src="Insert the url for the image here" > between the quotes above, should be something like Look below, see that "right here" section ? type the complete link to your image in that section. &...(more)
  3. Justin Harding (1760)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 204 Hits · 7/10/2005 9:34 AM
    I think he did it because when his head was dipped in cold water it broke any other thought processes that could have been on his mind, leaving him to focus strictly on the music... I've never tested this before, but I would assume it would work...(more)
  4. Justin Harding (1760)
    WholeNote Forum · 96 Hits · 7/9/2005 2:42 PM
    Glad you enjoy the site! This is the best online guitar community, in my opinion. There are so many great guitar players. Everyone from professionals to bedroom guitars. It's a great place. And the people are all friendly, and willing to help ou...(more)
  5. Justin Harding (1760)
    Equipment Forum · 39 Hits · 7/8/2005 5:12 PM
    Seems to have great reviews. I haven't personally played it, but some of the reviews on that site are quite convincing.
  6. Justin Harding (1760)
    Equipment Forum · 29 Hits · 7/8/2005 4:15 PM
    They actually sound great on acoustics, depending on the quality of the guitar. However, they are not near as bright, and they are a bit quieter, but for just learning, they are fine. Hum... another suggestion would be to use the D'Addario half ...(more)
  7. Justin Harding (1760)
    Equipment Forum · 44 Hits · 7/8/2005 12:20 PM
    Michael, I recommend you buy some Flatwound guitar strings. Flatwound strings do not have coils on the string... that's the main thing that irritates your fingers... you'll find them much easier to play. They are usually used by Jazz Guitarist...(more)
  8. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 35 Hits · 7/7/2005 8:29 PM
    Nice track btw, I'll be doing something over this later tonight, thanks!
  9. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 66 Hits · 7/7/2005 8:28 PM
    Is there anyway you can turn off the melody thats already there? The melody thats here right now might clash with the melodys of others, depending on what they decide to do with their takes.
  10. Justin Harding (1760)
    Open Forum · 42 Hits · 7/7/2005 11:55 AM
    Exactly. It's not that we don't care, we all obviously do, it's just not the right place for such a discussion.
  11. Justin Harding (1760)
    Instructional Forum · 28 Hits · 7/7/2005 7:43 AM
    Derek, I recommend you buy the book "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar". This book will show you the proper ways to practice. If it's not a possibility to get this book, in the mean time I suggest you read over some of the followin...(more)
  12. Justin Harding (1760)
    Instructional Forum · 41 Hits · 7/6/2005 5:07 PM Here another great site! Enjoy.
  13. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 52 Hits · 7/6/2005 3:35 PM
    Scott, just listened to your tracks. God, they were great. Very very impressive. I'm actually blown away by the talent on this site...
  14. Justin Harding (1760)
    Instructional Forum · 24 Hits · 7/6/2005 2:19 PM
    The interval trainer will be the most important trainer for now, for you. They don't have one on this site, but I also recommend that you do a google search for other music trainers. Try and find one that will play interval notes for you to iden...(more)
  15. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 29 Hits · 7/6/2005 2:12 PM
    Thanks Scott. And yes, I did have quite a few notes that were off in various places. But yeah, I should have analyzed it, it was fun enough being unexpectant of what chords coming next though.
  16. Justin Harding (1760)
    Instructional Forum · 34 Hits · 7/6/2005 12:25 PM
    This is a great site. use the trainers. Train your ears to hear the notes. Do this everyday (if you can) for 10 minutes. Even five minutes, this should help your ears develop, and recognize the tones.
  17. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 29 Hits · 7/6/2005 11:35 AM
    Thank you!
  18. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 25 Hits · 7/6/2005 11:31 AM
    Hey again everyone. Here's my first take. It isn't very well, but it's okay, I didn't analyze the progression or anything, I just went on feel. I'm relatively new at playing jazz/fusion stuff, so don't eat me if isn't up to par LOL! I had a lot ...(more)
  19. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 31 Hits · 7/6/2005 7:52 AM
    Thank you very much Carlos. I wrote that Becoming Non-Generic lesson when I was 16 I think, I need to fine-read it now that I'm older, and make any necessary adjustments in wording of the lesson. If I have any questions I will most definitely ...(more)
  20. Justin Harding (1760)
    Announcements Forum · 41 Hits · 7/5/2005 8:53 PM
    Hey everyone. All of your takes on this track were excellent. So many great guitarist here, I've never truly realized before... I have to give Carlos Eduardo Arellano a special mention however... He is such a lyrical guitarist, great tone, excel...(more)