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  1. Keith Hart (82)
    Equipment Forum · 146 Hits · 4/23/2000 6:15 PM
    I love the Mesa. If you can go with it, the fenders are nice but they do not match Mesa in tone. As for the Pevy if you want an amp that is cheap and sounds that way go for it you might not like yourself in six weekswhen the tone goes limp. Crat...(more)
  2. Keith Hart (82)
    Artists Forum · 100 Hits · 4/5/2000 7:18 PM
    Well for a long time I did not really have an opinion on them, I ve listened to Creed since '97. They were hard rockin but they kinda sounded like every other rock band out. But last November I went to a Creed concert and was blown away. Live th...(more)
  3. Keith Hart (82)
    Artists Forum · 100 Hits · 3/19/2000 10:20 PM
    WEll three ain't quite enough for me so I'll give you four: Steve Vai Jimi Hendrix SRV Darrel(Dimebag) Abbot Seems everyone has great taste in artists but they best are still to come.
  4. Keith Hart (82)
    Equipment Forum · 88 Hits · 2/29/2000 11:45 PM
    Dude a Metal Zone is the way to go. You get the crunch of Metallica and more. I love mine. I go nowhere and play nothing without it. It is awsome. The expandora is supposed to be a kill box too, but it will cost almost 200 bucks where a Metal Z...(more)
  5. Keith Hart (82)
    Equipment Forum · 82 Hits · 2/29/2000 11:36 PM
    I have purchased several items from Musican's Freind and never had any trouble. I bought a digitech RP-5 a few years back and it fried out in a week, I called M.F. and sent it back and within 2 weeks they had my new one back after a couple of w...(more)
  6. Keith Hart (82)
    Equipment Forum · 91 Hits · 2/23/2000 4:41 PM
    I have always had the best luck with Seymour Duncans. I like the Screamin Demon in the bridge and the 59 in the neck. The JB is also a very excelent choice for the bridge position. Dimarzo has some pretty good pickups too, though I prefer the Du...(more)