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  1. Daniel Helgason (221)
    Artists Forum · 20 Hits · 7/1/2007 8:36 PM
    Another one for " Sticky Fingers "
  2. Daniel Helgason (221)
    Equipment Forum · 24 Hits · 7/1/2007 5:26 PM
    You could look at any of the lesser priced Peavey all the way to the higher end ones , all good bang for the buck. Randall makes good metal amps ,Krank if money is no object . A lot of guitarist's on a budget like the Marshall MG series but I th...(more)
  3. Daniel Helgason (221)
    Open Forum · 120 Hits · 3/20/2004 10:41 AM
    Sorry I took so long to respond,Its been awhile since I've been here.Yes I still play it alot,more than any other guitar I have.I love the feel of the neck.Did you see the new Pt Custom that replaced the Elite?Its a very nice axe maybe a little ...(more)
  4. Daniel Helgason (221)
    Open Forum · 90 Hits · 2/3/2003 1:12 PM
    Yes I am an Icelandic Canadian,My Grandfather and his family came to Canada in the 1920s from around the Muvatin area(mind my spelling).I am what you call a Gulie? as I dont speak any Icelandic,but I was brought up to be VERY PROUD of My Iceland...(more)